Why do you have to hurt us so, "True Blood?" The more we love you, the more you hurt us. Sniff. A lot of things are shifting on this show now, as Bon Temps officially goes to hell and Dallas is wrapped up with a lot of grief and pain on the horizon. Eric proves his humanity is still intact, which is not good news for Bill at all, and Godric meets the sun. Damnit.

The show opens a few minutes before the bomb goes off, and then Bill goes flying inside to see how his beloved Sookie is. There is blood and guts everywhere, proving that more than a few vampires and humans died, including the cowboy Stan. Eric stood in front of Sookie to take the brunt of the blast, which was an admirable thing to do but then he screws it up by helplessly asking her to suck out silver from his body. She does it, but it's only a trick so he can be a part of her now once she shrinks his blood. Sookie and Bill are as appalled as you can imagine, but the deed has been done.

Honestly I haven't really bought the chemistry with Sookie and Eric before, but then after Bill anxiously tells her she'll feel more connected to him, she has a dream. You have to wonder how Stephen Moyer feels about his fiance being naked in bed with Alexander Skarsgard, but that's a whole different subject. Eric and Sookie talk like they're old lovers and snuggle in bed being absolutely adorable, all while Lorena watches them as Sookie's evil conscience reminding her that Bill doesn't matter anymore and she doesn't love him anyway. This freaks Sookie out enough that she turns to her brother Jason, and they have a very sweet conversation about sticking together. It is really great to see Sookie and Jason bond like this, because both could use a connection to someone that isn't based on sexual tension. She tells him to stop acting stupid, and he apologizes for ... well, everything. This feels ten times more genuine than when Jason talked to her after Rene tried to kill her.

Back in Bon Temps, hell is officially starting to take over. Hoyt and Jessica continue to be the nicest part of this show by talking over her newest physical problem, and then he tries to force his vicious mother to be nice. Then she upsets Jessica by pointing out she can't have children, and it's very sad. Lafayette sees the punch marks on Tara and freaks out, being about as awesome as he possibly can be by showing up at the house later and dragging her butt back home. He brings her mother too, and it looks like Lafayette and Lettie Mae do not react to Maryann's magic. Interesting! Maryann gets pretty angry when she finds out that Sam escaped the prison, but she doesn't know he's actually in a fly form buzzing about the town and hiding at Andy's motel. Things are about to get real insane in Bon Temps, but luckily the vampires are coming home, so they'll have more help soon.

The final scene of "True Blood" is probably one of the most emotional on the show so far. It is a credit to the writers that they have made Godric such a relatable, beautiful character in just a few episodes. The actor who plays him probably helped in that aspect, as his world weary sadness really radiates. He calmly signs away his rights to being a sheriff to Isabel, and then meets Eric on the roof. Eric fights with him and then begs, begs, begs (crying) for him not to commit suicide. We all knew it was coming and yet it hurts, it still hurts. Seeing Eric fall on his knees in tears is difficult to watch, but Sookie is there since she owes Godric. She won't let him be alone. They have a truly touching conversation about God and death, and then Godric dies smiling as the sun rises.

It seems important that this character had to die, because someone that powerful and wise would probably just fix every problem they had with ease. Conflict is important to a drama like this, but it is still sad to see him go. Great acting kudos to all three in that last scene, and now it is time to dry our eyes and get ready for the last fight with Maryann.

Episode Grade: A+

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