Would the writer who decided that Beth and Daryl together were an interesting pairing please step forward? I have a strongly worded letter to hand you. This is the third episode where they’ve been heavily featured. Yet, nothing of significance has really happened before tonight. I’m all about the character development but it needs to be dispersed with some plot as well.

“Alone” is following last week’s episode that was declared by many, namely me, to be the most boring episode the show has ever produced. That’s why it was so disappointing to see the duo pop up again in the very next episode, while Team Grimes is still MIA.

If they were at least heading towards Terminus, like every other character, it would feel like their meandering was leading somewhere. So far this season they’ve escaped from groups of walkers and bit at each other, but really were just hopping from random setting to random setting.

This week they’ve come across a funeral home, stacked with cupboards filled with food, dead bodies in the basement, and comfy coffins to sleep in. Beth tried to learn to track, kill, and take care of herself but she injured her ankle pretty quickly so she’s back to her set role, singing little ditties while Daryl is silently angsty.  Really nothing is new about it. (Besides the one-eyed neighbor dog, of course.)

But then they’re attacked once again by a group of walkers, either lead to the funeral home by Beth’s warbling or by their dog zombie-master. As a result, they are separated and Beth is kidnapped by a Pontiac driving maniac. Then Daryl unwittingly joins the crazy gang of men who Rick successfully hid from a few episodes back. Finally something happens to these two, but the development is so wack-a-doodle that it’s almost upsetting. So much craziness happens after two and a half episodes of nothing. And the worst part is that by separating the two of them, there are two separate storylines to follow.

Meanwhile, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are heading towards Terminus. For Maggie, it represents hope that she’s heading in the same direction as Glenn. For Bob, it’s an opportunity to surround himself with more people and lessen the chance of being alone again. However, for Sasha, going to Terminus represents her worst fears. If she shows up and Tyreese isn’t there, it means he’s likely dead. As long as she’s meandering along the road, heading nowhere in particular, she can hope that her brother is still alive somewhere.

Maggie hears a bit of Sasha’s complaining and decides to head towards Terminus alone. On her journey, she uses walker blood to leave Glenn messages on the side of the railroad. Bob and Sasha follow her but Sasha decides she’d rather be alone than go to Terminus. It’s a move that makes no sense and only serves to fit into the episode’s theme. It’s not even 10 minutes before they’re all reunited and heading to the mysterious sanctuary.

I appreciate that Sasha is the only one smart enough to question the idea of Sanctuary. “If it sounds too good to be true,” she says. Obviously these people aren’t all heading towards a magical land of safety, but there are some interesting hints. Tyreese and his group heard from somebody who had actually been there that they should have stayed. But then why did they leave in the first place?

Terminus was behind the radio broadcast from the first half of the season, according to Bob, so they have some sort of important technology. It’s a little suspicious that they’re so keen on getting more people to join them with maps and signs. Any survivor is smart enough to know that most people in this world aren’t trustworthy. So, why would they willingly invite as many people as possible to their safe place?

I’m sure once everybody gets to Terminus, they’re going to end up eating people or existing in some sort of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery-type world. It’s going to be horrifying. Hopefully, they all end up there sooner than later. I don’t know how many more filler episodes I can take.

Other Musings:

  • The opening scene was by far the saddest they’ve ever done. I didn’t even recognize that the lonely man was Bob. Lawrence Gilliard Jr did an amazing job acting with his eyes. He stumbles across the land, after losing two groups, barely affected by anything. The scene where he just watched a walker reach towards him was awesome and sad.
  • Daryl and Glenn pop up to bring Bob to the prison in the flashback. Daryl asks Bob the 3 questions and we learn that Bob killed one person because she asked him. I’d love to hear more about that.
  • Beth and Daryl find themselves in a graveyard and mourn some father who died in the 1800s. Way to over-identify, kiddos.
  • Did Daryl imply that he has feelings for Beth? She’s still 15, right?
  • According to The Talking Dead, the one-eyed dog, Dooley, lost his eye while saving his owner from a carjacker. Dooley for series regular, please. I’d like to know how he managed to survive the apocalypse.
  • Daryl on coffins: “This is the comfiest bed I’ve had in years.”
  • Bob and Sasha kissed. How long until he’s revealed to be a psycho killer?
  • Daryl for dumbass of the year. He leads the walkers into a small room with no escape and basically has to fight through a dozen dead dudes to get out. He’s lucky, not smart.
  • Maggie kills walkers with the coolest weapon yet, a no parking sign.