This week has to be one of our favorites of the whole Bachelorette series- the hometown dates! Ashley gets to see where her four remaining men, J.P., Ames, Constantine and Ben grew up. While we are still not sure who the front runner is, she says that Ben and Constantine are everything she physically wants in a man. Well, yeah they are practically twins. Ashley’s first hometown dates brings her to Cumming, Georgia- the beautiful town outside of Atlanta that Constantine was raised in. They go to the Italian restaurant he owns with his family and they get right in the kitchen and make a pizza and salad together. We can’t help but notice though how juvenile the date seems. It’s more like a second date than the second date away from a possible proposal.  When he takes Ashley to the mansion, rather home he grew up in, his adorable Greek father, mom and sister are all very welcoming. His sister can tell that he is happy but the mom is a little skeptical because they are having a great time in all these exotic countries, but will it work in the real world? Constantine’s mother asks Ashley straight up if she would move to Cumming after they get engaged and Ashley says that if it meant that Constantine was happy, she would. Chalk one up for the future daughter in law. Surprisingly the entire family comes in for a family circle dance as his dad throws money at them. We like Constantine more after his hometown visit, maybe it was just his dad we fell in love with. 

Next, Ashley heads to Pennsylvania to meet Ames’ family and we are already in love with the rolling countryside and his family house on the horse farm.  You can tell right off the bat that Ames is beaming when he looks at, talks about, or thinks of Ashley. We think he is in too deep and may get his heart broken as it is obvious to us that Ashley doesn’t have that spark with him like she does with the other guys. Ames is just so dam sweet and romantic. His sister doesn’t beat around the bush and asks Ashley straight up how she feels about her brother, who is obviously smitten with her. Ashley admits that their relationship is going slower than the others are but she isn’t done getting to know him. Hmm, seems a bit skeptical to us.  Ames takes Ashley on a picnic under the magnolia tree in his yard and tells her a beautiful story about Italian Renaissance romance- swoon!  Then they go on a horse and carriage ride and Ames says he is falling in love but their kiss is a little painful to watch. It seems a bit obvious to everyone (excluding Ames) that she is just not that into him.

Ashley then heads to Sonoma Valley, CA to Ben’s hometown. It is absolutely gorgeous- seriously, did all these guys grow up in mansions or can she just sniff out family money? When she sees Ben, it is clear that she has the strongest feelings for him.  They go into the winery and she is just smitten with him and the lifestyle he lives. He tells her that he has only brought one other woman home to meet his mom and she is absolutely shocked by that fact. Since his father passed away, his mother and sister especially are very protective of Ben because they don’t want to see him hurt. Ben tells his sister that if things keep progressing the way they are, he can see himself proposing. When he gets to talking about his dad and him looking down on him and being proud, the waterworks start flowing.  Damn you Ben- you made us cry! After the hometown visit, we definitely think Ben has it in the bar.

Last but not least, Ashley heads to Long Island, NY to meet J.P.’s family. Not without first going to the roller rink for a little middle school fun. It is actually adorable how cute the two of them are together holding hands and shooting the duck. We must admit it is a little seventh grade romantic as they slow skate to “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” and he plants a bog kiss on her under the disco ball. Then J.P. ruins the moment by taking a big digger on the rink- he’s so adorable. Ashley seems overly concerned with this looming last relationship he had where his heart got broken and it seems to come up time and time again when she meets his family. J.P. tells Ashley that he wants to be with her but has accepted the fact that he may get heartbroken at the end but is willing to risk it for love. We had no idea J.P.’s mom was Barbara Streisand- his family embarrass him in front of Ashley about being sunburned and it doesn’t stop when they bust out   poster size picture of J.P. as a child. He looks like Kirk Cameron with a mullet and it is absolutely the cutest thing in the world. His mom voices the fact that she doesn’t want him to get hurt again and asks him if he is in love. He assures her that he won’t get his heart broken. We shall see at the rose ceremony…

It’s down to her final four and we know that it’s the time when the hearts start breaking. As she starts to give away the roses- Ben, J.P. and then Constantine, Ames looks like he is completely lost and gives her a little wink when he realizes he is getting the boot. It’s sad to see such a sweetheart go home, but we know there is a lady out there for him. He uses the word “poetic” in his going away speech and she gives him a handshake? Poor guy, we’d totally date you.