It’s afternoon and teams open the first cryptic clue of the Leg telling them to fly to the Eternal City and find Hadrian’s Bridge. Some teams know what the Eternal City is, others don’t. Rachel thinks it’s in Ethiopia.

But all teams end up on the same direct flight from Sri Lanka to Rome, Italy departing later that night.

Arriving in Rome the next morning, Brendon & Rachel, Caroline & Jennifer, Leo & Jamal and Jessica & John manage to leave the airport first having been able to sit in the front of the plane and able to take the first shuttle bus to the terminal. The Globetrotters, Cowboys and Dave & Connor get left behind.

Jessica & John are the first to arrive at the bridge, Ponte Sant’Angelo where they find the Detour.  In Gladiator, teams will learn a gladiator routine and then perform it by fighting a seasoned gladiator. Once they’ve impressed the Emperor, they’ll get the next clue.  In Charioteer, teams will race motorized Roman chariots around a course by completing five full laps before the light in the cauldron burns out (1 minute and 30 seconds). One team member will control the speed and the other steers.

Jessica & John choose Gladiator while Brendon & Rachel and Leo & Jamal choose Charioteer.

Caroline & Jennifer get to the bridge, but before getting to the clue box, they find their Speed Bump.

For their Speed Bump, Caroline & Jennifer must head to the Pantheon where they will pick up an Olivetti typewriter from an antique dealer and deliver it to the building it resembles, the Altare della Patria or locally known as The Typewriter. Once they’ve set it on the pedestal outside, they can continue Racing.

Brendon & Rachel get started on the chariots. They are sad to see they won’t be racing real chariots, but they slowly try and get the hang of the task. They are a few seconds short of finishing within the time when Leo & Jamal join them.

Jessica & John take their gladiator lessons and then try it out against the gladiator… a BIG gladiator. There are two sequences. In the first attack, teams can only use their swords to defend themselves. In the second attack, they can also use their shields. John ends up using his shield in the first sequence, so they have to start over. After a refresher, Jessica decides to go first against the gladiator this time and she finishes her routine, no problem. But when it’s John’s term, he repeats his same mistake.

Back at the races, Brendon & Rachel and Leo & Jamal crash into each other and then are too slow. Leo & Jamal decide to switch Detours when they see Dave & Connor and the Globetrotters come in.

The three teams head out for a heat and Dave & Connor are just about to finish, but Brendon & Rachel’s chariot goes flying and stops Dave & Connor’s before crossing the finish line.

Now the Cowboys have arrived and join them and it makes the task more difficult and chaotic.

While Caroline & Jennifer finish their Speed Bump, Jessica & John are having another go and they finally finish. They open the next clue telling them to head to “the piazza of John Keats’ unhappy Roman Holiday.” They will need to figure out that they must make their way to the Piazza di Spagna, the location of John Keats’ former home.

Jessica & John tell their taxi driver they need to go to the piazza, but the driver insists it is a street.

Brendon & Rachel are close behind as they finish the chariot Detour first. They hop into a taxi and the driver knows immediately they need to go to the Spanish Steps.

Jet & Cord and Dave & Connor finish the Detour next just as Caroline & Jennifer arrive. On the other side, Leo & Jamal finish gladiator training, but fail on their first attempt against the pro.

The Globetrotters finish the next run after the others leave, but their and Jet & Cord’s taxis don’t know a John Keats Plaza, only a street.

Jessica & John are there, Via John Keats. But it definitely does not look right. And the locals also only know a John Keats Road. No plaza.

Brendon & Rachel arrive at the correct plaza and retrieve the next clue from a chestnut vendor revealing the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must count the Spanish Steps (135) and add that number to the year the obelisk at the top was erected (1789) which they must convert from Roman numerals (M-DCC-LXXXVIIII). Once they get the total, 1924, they will convert that back into Roman numerals (MCMXXIV) and write it on a postcard which they will hand to a happy couple on a scooter in exchange for the next clue.

Brendon gets started on the Road Block and he decides to go up to the obelisk first. He asks an older gentlemen about the date and the man explains the Roman numerals to him. Once Brendon has the year, he runs back down to count the steps.

Both Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jennifer use their drivers’ cell phones to Google the location they need to go to. But Jessica & John decide they need to ditch their driver and find a hotel to get information

Dave & Connor arrive at the Spanish Steps and ask Rachel where the clue is. She doesn’t specifically tell them, but she points in the general vicinity. Dave & Connor are not happy about her “screwing with” them.

Dave starts the Road Block and Connor asks why Rachel didn’t tell them where the clue was. I did, she says. “Do you want me to tell you, hold your hand? Come on.”

Brendon counts the steps and has his final number. He asks the same old man to help convert it back to Roman numerals and he goes to the happy couple for the next clue.