First ever short version of the opening title sequence and here we go.

Jet & Cord open the first clue of the Leg telling teams to head to the Chen Clan Academy where they must stand still in front of the Master to receive their next clue.

They ask a local who can’t speak English, but who tells them that it’s too far to walk to, maybe 50 minutes. The Cowboys understand 5-15 minutes so they go on foot.

Brendon & Rachel are next to leave and Rachel leads Brendon through the shrubbery to keep the other teams from seeing them. Margie & Luke meanwhile start the Leg off snippy with each other after having just told each other to stay calm at the Pit Stop. They decide to take a taxi while Dave & Connor and Brenchel hop on the metro.

Leo & Jamal like Mark & Mallory so they tell them to follow. The rest of the teams depart the Pit Stop as Jet & Cord continue to run about.

Brendon & Rachel and Dave & Connor get to the Chen Clan Academy first where they watch a demonstration. One team at a time watches until the Master stamps their next destination onto their foreheads.

Dave & Connor manage to find a taxi first and head to Eday Town kids play place where they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must assemble a motorized kiddie car with instructions only in Chinese. The toy soldier will check and hand them their next clue.

Dave gets started on the Road Block with Margie & Luke close behind. Citing Margie rocking other building tasks in TAR14 and TAR18, Luke says she’s perfect for this task.

Leo & Jamal, Brendon & Rachel Mark & Mallory, Flight Time & Big Easy, Meghan & Joey and Jessica & John quickly arrive next.

The trailing Caroline & Jennifer and Jet & Cord are only just arriving at the Academy. The Cowboys manage to hop onto a taxi before the country gals and are now realizing they’ve gone from first to last.

Back at Eday Town, Dave, Margie, Brendon, Mark, Leo, Flight Time, Meghan and John are still getting through their little cars as the kids have fun messing with them when they are all suddenly surprised to see the Cowboys just arriving.

Mark speeds through the Road Block and finishes first. He and Mallory open the next clue telling them to deliver their finished car to the Guangzhou Children’s Cultural Center. Margie finishes right behind him.

Mark carries the car over his shoulder as Mallory grabs both their bags. But outside as they are catching a taxi, they appear to leave one of their bags on the ground as their taxi drives off.

Caroline & Jennifer finally arrive at the Road Block and Jennifer tells a reluctant Caroline to do it. She really doesn’t want to do it as she doesn’t know how. As Caroline complains, Jennifer decides it’s time to work her magic. She butters up to Cord and asks for the Express Pass, trying to guilt him into sparing Caroline the agony of actually completing a task on the Race. The other teams take notice.

Brendon & Rachel are out and Jet manages to finish. Jennifer asks Jet for the Express Pass and he and Cord decide to hand it over. Flight Time & Big Easy finish as Caroline drops all the car parts in front of the watching kids and runs off.

Fellow TAR22ers Joey and Jessica, now in last place, can’t believe how “the blondes” can never do anything on their own.

Mark & Mallory stop to check their car isn’t falling out of the trunk. Mallory asks Mark to also check if his bag is back there. It isn’t. Mark wants to go back, but Mallory insists they push on. They make it to the Children’s Center and deliver the car to the waiting children.

The open the next clue revealing the Detour. But Mark is more concerned with going back to find his bag. Mallory says she has his passport so it’s fine. But Mark really wants his bag. He needs his car sick medicine. I’ve got car sick medicine! Mallory says.

But Mark says he needs his bag. Mallory tries to ask other taxi drivers to go pick up the bag for them, but none of the drivers speak English.

An exasperated Mallory has no choice but to hop into the taxi as she and Mark argue over whose fault it was. Mark wants his clothes, but Mallory says she’d Race in the same outfit for the rest of the Race if she had to. Other teams will also be happy to give him clothes. But then Mark says it wasn’t even his backpack. I WILL BUY YOU ANOTHER BACKPACK!!! Mallory pleads. She knows this will cost them the entire Race.

Seeing Mark & Mallory’s troubles, Luke is happy that they are now in first place as they head to the Detour.

For this Detour, teams will choose between Featherball or China Cup.  In Featherball, teams head to Liwanhu Park and must play China’s version of hacky sack with a team by together making 10 passes without dropping the shuttlecock.  In China Cup, teams will receive a traditional Chinese cupping therapy used to stimulate blood flow and remove toxins.

All teams head to Featherball.

Back at Eday Town, Meghan finishes before John, but stops and helps him before leaving with Joey.

Meanwhile, Mark & Mallory, still very upset with each other, catch up to the others at the park after having gone to get Mark’s bag.

Dave & Connor finish the Detour first and open the last clue telling them to head to the Pit Stop at Shamian Island. Caroline & Jennifer, Margie & Luke, Brendon & Rachel, Jet & Cord, Flight Time & Big Easy and Leo & Jamal finish quickly after in that order.

Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John catch up to Mark & Mallory and it’s between the three of them for last place.

At the Pit Stop, it’s a footrace between Brendon & Rachel and Margie & Luke, neither knowing that they are Racing for first.

It’s Brendon & Rachel who manage to edge out Margie & Luke to win their very first Leg ever on The Amazing Race. Margie & Luke are fine with 2nd as Caroline & Jennifer come running up in 3rd.

Phil asks about the Express Pass and they say that assembling a car is a guy’s thing… with Margie, who assembled the car… and is not a guy, standing right next to them.

Just then, Dave & Connor come running in with Flight Time & Big Easy right behind them. Phil says Dave & Connor are 5th, but they’re actually 4th. The Globetrotters are 5th. Jet & Cord and Leo & Jamal join the party at the Mat to officially check-in 6th and 7th.

Phil then announces Brendon & Rachel’s prize; $2500 each.

Back at the Detour, Mark & Mallory are already at nine touches, but can’t get that 10th one. If only they did.

Jessica & John and Meghan & Joey finish and head to the Pit Stop where they check-in 8th and 9th respectively.

Mark & Mallory finally get through the Detour, head to the Pit Stop and run to the Mat where all the other teams have gathered. Phil tells them they are last and eliminated.