For this 9th Leg of the Race, it’s time to head to Bandung, Indonesia. All teams are on the same flights to Bandung via Bangkok and Singapore, which allows Leo & Jamal to confront Nicole & Travis at the airport about the U-Turn in the last Leg.

Nicole & Travis explain that they are not going to stoop to their level of lying and cheating while Leo & Jamal say it’s only a matter of time before the doctors break.

Once in Bandung, teams must hop into taxis to head to the Ram Arena in the village of Rancaekek for their next clue. Nicole & Travis arrive first and read the Route Info… an actual task!

Teams must pick-up two rams waiting in nearby trucks and take them to a traditional West Javanese festival. Once the two rams have butted heads, teams will return them to the trucks and head back to the arena to receive their next clue.

Ally & Ashley arrive 2nd and both teams take their rams to the arena where an excited crowd cheers them and the rams on. The rams butt heads and the teams return them to the trucks. The next clue directs them to catch a train back to Bandung from the Rancaekek Station.

They hurry to the train station and learn there’s a train leaving in12 minutes. Hoping no other teams catch up, Ally & Ashley are excited to be Racing with consistent frontrunners Nicole & Travis for the first time. But to the married doctors’ dismay, Leo & Jamal manage to arrive before the train leaves.

Tim & Marie get their clue before Jason & Amy at the rams, but their taxi breaks down, putting them further behind. Both teams get to the train station, but miss the train by only a minute or two. They must now wait an hour for the next one.

At the Bandung train station, teams find the cluebox and the Detour.

In this Detour, teams will choose between two tasks, both involving animals.  In For the Elephants, teams head to Pasar Simpang Dago where they will pick-up eight watermelons, two bunches of bananas, 12 sweet potatoes and five stalks of sugarcane. They’ll bring them over to Kebun Binatang Bandung Zoo where they will use a hand trolley to deliver the food to a hungry elephant. Once the elephant has enjoyed its snack, teams get the next clue.  In For the Birds, teams pick-up two peach-faced lovebirds from Kios Pak Dedi at Sukahaji Market and deliver them to a bird song Grand Prix at Sumber Sari Arena. After hanging their birds in the competition arena, they must encourage them to sing. Once the judge scores the bird, they’ll receive the next clue.

Nicole & Travis choose the birds while Leo & Jamal and Ally & Ashley choose the elephants. The ice queens have their taxi take them to the zoo first and start running around looking for trolleys. Leo & Jamal correctly head to the market first where they pick-up the food and load up their taxi. They have to figure out a way to load the long sugarcane into the car.

Nicole & Travis, meanwhile, pick up their birds and head to the arena. They hang the cages in the competition area and join the other locals encouraging their respective birds to start singing. Once Travis’ bird sings, they are given the next clue. Teams must now make their way to Saung Angklung Udjo for the next clue.

Ally & Ashley finally realize they need to pick up the food first and they hurry to the market. They let their taxi go then realize they need a taxi to bring the food over to the zoo. Once they finally find a taxi, they can’t figure out how to load the sugarcane onto it. The driver won’t let them bring it along.