As Ally & Ashley and Leo & Jamal finish the Detour, Tim & Danny and Nicky & Kim are trailing.

Teams must now take a high speed boat ride to Henningsvaer. Brandon & Adam arrive first and find the next clue on the pier, the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must jump off the Henningsvaer Bridge and swing on the end of an 80 foot rope. When they’re ready, they will unclip themselves and splash down in the Arctic Ocean to swim to a buoy with their next clue.

Brandon jumps off the bridge first and Jason is next, but has trouble reaching the ball that’ll release him from the rope. Tim and Nicole are close behind.

It is 1:56am and Brandon & Adam maintain their lead as they head back to shore. Teams must now choose a Ford Ranger which they will use to pull a sled carrying a large boulder to reveal a pouch containing their next clue and Viking coins which they will need later in the Race.


Brandon & Adam get the pouch with a picture of the Pit Stop on a piece of cloth, the Viking Longhouse.

Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis grab their clues in the ground, but for some reason, Tim & Marie take the pouch with coins, but leave their little piece of cloth with the Pit Stop location. They think the coins are the next clue and drive off.

Ally & Ashley have trouble driving stick and instead of asking their husbands the Afghanimals for help, they ask Tim & Danny who have just arrived. They help drive their trucks in the right direction.

Brandon & Adam arrive at the Viking Longhouse where they are welcomed by a party of “Vikings” and Phil who officially checks them in as Team #1. They win $5000 each, but Phil has more news for them. They will continue Racing. He hands them the next clue and they’re off.

Meanwhile, Tim & Marie are clueless and they run into Nicole & Travis. Marie asks for help and Nicole immediately thinks to ask for the Express Pass in return for information. Marie hesitates and Nicole is ready to tell Travis to drive off…



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