The 10th Leg of the Race begins and teams will start it off with a hearty breakfast of grilled cobra which locals enjoy for its healing benefits.

Leo & Jamal find the King Cobra House at Ciwangun Indah Camp (CIC) and realize what they must eat. While 3rd and 4th place teams Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis find the location easily, Tim & Marie get dropped off at the South Entrance instead of the North Entrance. They start searching the area and wonder why no other teams are there.

Leo & Jamal decide to tell the others that Tim & Marie had already sped through the task even though everyone knows Marie is a picky and healthy eater who probably would have a big problem with eating snake.

The three teams finish their cobra long before Tim & Marie realize their mistake and head to the correct entrance.

Teams must now head to the main entrance of Kawah Domas Crater for their next clue, the Road Block.

For this Road Block at Tangkuban Perahu Volcano, teams will first pick-up 60 eggs from the food stand and hop on the back of a local taxi, a motorbike, to take an 8-minute ride to the crater. There, they must hard-boil one dozen eggs in the boiling waters of the crater before hopping back onto the taxi to deliver the eggs to the eggman. Once the eggman cuts the eggs in half and confirms they are all hard boiled, teams will get the next clue.

Jamal, Jason and Travis all decide to do the Road Block and head down to the crater together where they start soaking their eggs in the hot spring. Back up the mountain, Amy asks Leo how long it took Marie to eat the snake since they’re not even here yet. When Leo can’t answer, Amy and Nicole know they lied again. Jason and Travis ask Jamal and he admits Tim & Marie never showed up.

Meanwhile, Tim & Marie finally sit down for their cobra snack and Marie can’t believe it. She and Tim struggle through their snakes and finally get going.

Travis and Jason think their eggs are done, so they leave. Jamal stays for a few more minutes. But when they all head back up to the food stand, the eggman rejects their still soft eggs.

Travis and Jason maintain a lead over Jamal. They ask Jamal to tell Marie that she only needs to cook the eggs for a couple minutes and Leo & Jamal call them hypocrites.

Tim & Marie arrive and the clue says Marie MUST perform this Road Block. She says she has no idea how to hard-boil an egg.

Marie heads down to the crater just as Travis and Jason head back up. She gets off the taxi and runs into Jamal. They all say it’ll be fine.

Back up, the eggman approves Jason’s dozen then Travis’ and Jamal’s. Tim is pessimistic and thinks Marie will absolutely fail on her first try since she doesn’t eat eggs and has no patience.

Marie gets to the hot springs and merely holds her basket over the water. She then decides to dunk them in.

The other three teams open the next clue to find the Detour.  In Paint Your Partner, teams will make each other up as traditional Javanese brides. When the Javanese beautician approves, they’ll receive the next clue.  In Turn Over a New Leaf, teams will dress and equip themselves as Indonesia tea workers. While carrying traditional tea baskets, teams must search through the terraced tea fields for a pair of shears which they’ll exchange for their next clue.

Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis choose Paint Your Partner while Leo & Jamal go for the tea fields.

The couples get to the Gracia Spa Resort and begin to make each other up. Jason & Amy clue Travis into the fact that he has to shave. Across town, Leo & Jamal put on the traditional clothes and get started walking through the tea fields. Jamal thinks he’s found it when he picks up a long stick with a white flag.

Back at the Road Block, Marie thinks her eggs are almost done, but she wants to make sure and doesn’t want to come back. Tim hopes so too. Marie gets to the eggman and he gives her the thumbs up and the next clue. They also choose the make-up.

Tim & Marie catch up at the spa while Travis’s stickers aren’t sticking to his face because he is so sweaty and oily.

At the tea terraces, Leo & Jamal present their white flag stick to the tea harvester who has no idea what they’re talking about. After searching a little more, they decide to switch Detours.

Leo & Jamal arrive at the spa and are excited to see everyone still there and looking horrible. But when they realize they have to shave off their beards, they decide to go back to the tea.

Travis still looks like a mess, allowing Tim & Marie to catch up even more.

But Jason & Amy jump into the lead when they finish and open the next clue directing them to the Pit Stop at Cimahi Waterfall. Staying out in front, they step on the Mat to officially check-in as Team #1 and claim their trip to Cancun.

At the tea fields, Jamal is annoyed with Leo’s insistence to merely look on the ground instead of digging through the tea bushes. Even more when Leo sees a snake.

Nicole & Travis ask the beautician to check and he just laughs and closes his eyes. No good. Tim & Marie think they’re done, but they also get the thumbs down. Tim realizes Marie is missing a couple of jewels and they search the floor for them.

They then realize it’s because their faces are all smudged with the black paint, so they clean themselves up and finally get the beautician’s approval and the next clue.

Travis finally points out the black all over Nicole’s hands and they clean each other up too and they’re finally on their way.

Meanwhile, Jamal finally finds the shears and blames Leo for not getting his hands dirty enough by looking in the bushes. They continue expressing their frustration in the cab.

Tim & Marie are shocked when Nicole & Travis manage to catch up and pass their taxi. When they get caught up in traffic, Tim & Marie’s driver puts them in front a little. They both get to the waterfall at the same time and it’s a footrace down the 500 steps to the Mat.

Nicole falls behind and it is Tim & Marie who check-in as Team #2 while Nicole & Travis have to settle for 3rd.

Phil thinks Travis looks like an angry showgirl.

That leaves Leo & Jamal in last, but of course, this is a non-elimination Leg.