Feeling still a little unhinged from the whole experience though, Emily seeks comfort from psychiatrist and all around A-magnet Dr. Sullivan.  The Doc hypnotizes her in hopes that they can glean more information around the incident where Em stabbed Nate, so that she can conquer her fears.  But what we get is a bumbled mess that appears to show Em murdering Alison.  So – Em is either twice the killer she thought she was or her forever faulty memory is resilient enough to eff her over even when she’s in a hypnotic state.  Either way she loses.  The memory proves to be too much for her and she hightails it out of the Doc’s office.

Spencer is doing some reminiscing too at casa de la Hastings.  But unfortunately for her she remembers everything just so.  Bet she wishes she had Emily’s memory right about now.  She gets love-sick and calls up the PI to confirm that she’s willing to cough up the extra $500 to get the answers she needs.

Elsewhere Hanna goes with Caleb to pour over his old belongings.  They are met there by his Uncle Jamie.  It’s largely uneventful but we get the vibe that ol’ Jamie is more than he says he is early on.  He gives Hanna a picture to give Caleb towards the end of their trip and it pretty much confirms that Jamie is Caleb’s father (without really confirming it – in true PLL fashion).  She tells Caleb about the picture when they get back to her house but he isn’t ready to think about his father being around him through his entire childhood without actually being there.

Lipstick Bandit (aka Wesley)’s weird behavior reaches a zenith when he is out eating pizza with Aria. He assaults some man and they make a dash for Fitz’s house before he can explain.  It seems he has been trying to escape his mother’s heavy handed parenting like Ezra but the best he has been able to do is throw temperature tantrums.  All of which have been covered by his mother’s check book.  So he escalated things:  He flirted with his physics teacher and got put on academic probation.  He didn’t foresee his physics teacher’s husband going ape though.  So this not-so-great plan is having some undesirable side effects that required he flee to his brother’s apartment for refuge.

Oh and he also tries to soothe Aria by telling her that their mother hates her because she’s “unpredictable” or something she didn’t expect.  It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s still in high school – like him.  Because high schoolers are geniuses fully equipped with life experience and maturity.

As night falls in Rosewood, Dr. Sullivan closes up her office and gets greeted by Mona.  She’s wisely creeped out by the crazy and opts not to put flowers from Mona in her office.  Mona won’t be deterred however – she promises to try and repay Dr. Sullivan for all that she’s done – it’s clear this will not have a good outcome.

And neither will Spencer’s visit to the A-compound.  She spots the door and braces herself for what’s inside.  Only to find confirmation of her fears: the room has been cleaned out. No one cleans out innocent fun.  An A lair full of Liar hatred however – that would have to go.

At the mausoleum, the girls show up to pay their respect and end up waiting a few to see if Spencer will show.  She does.  But not because she gives a damn about Alison.  Spencer is fighting for herself now and it’s not clear if she plans on leaving anyone alive (figuratively or literally).  She tells Jason that Alison was pregnant and Det. Wilden is more than likely the baby daddy and then hits the rest of the Liars with the IDGAF face as they scold her for being so cold hearted.  And she sticks around to scribble Toby’s name on the burial chamber of a person who shares his last name.  The message is clear:  he’s dead to her now.

Elsewhere Emily’s memory finally kicks in and she’s able to tell Hanna and Aria what we already know:  A red coated blonde chick is running the A-team. 

A-Tag:  A black hoodie tries to purchase some whiskey at a liquor store.  They appear to have a horizontal license though, so were they actually over the age of 21?

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