This episode was a massive bag of filler but even the Pretty Little Liars need a day off right?  Most of the girls are busy making their way through their own dramas all while seemingly ignoring a fractured Spencer.

Case in point:  While chilling at the Brew, Hanna and Emily are consoling Aria, who is in Ezra withdrawal.  They are all confused and they turn to their leader (Spencer) for guidance and she’s blank.  No emotion.  No proof she was even listening to the conversation.  She just makes up an excuse and heads up to the coffee house register.

Jason walks in and informs the Liars that his family is once again going to bury Alison.  But this time they are opting for a mausoleum.  While the service will only be open to the family, he offers to let them stop by to pay their last respects and they all seem appreciative of the offer.  Well, everyone except Spencer who doesn’t plan on attending.  She’s through with Alison.

The Liars’ excitement is soon tempered too after Jason tells them that the grave robbers will be identified once he/she/they are found in possession of the items that the Liars left in Alison’s grave.  It’s more than likely a ploy by the A-team to once again raise questions about the girls.  Because really, when is the last time anyone in Rosewood has been arrested due to actual police evidence?

Either way Hanna is spooked and she wants to get rid of her Ouija board.  Aria for once is more cautious and opts to hang onto her earrings.  I’m not entirely sure why one hangs onto an Ouija board in the first place.

At school, Mona takes the opportunity to mess with Spencer and remind her that the Academic Decathlon is coming up and they can’t afford to have her off her A-game (all puns intended).  Spencer warns her that it’s no longer a game but it does nothing to erase the creepy smile from Mona’s face.

Meanwhile Hanna walks in on Caleb in a classroom as he’s sending a text message.  Like a typical guilty person, he starts offering up alibis.  Seems he’s talking to his mother… (and I feel bad because I fully expected him to say:  she got hit again) she located his aunt (on his father’s side).  She is moving to Australia and leaving behind some of his childhood things.  He can stop by the storage to pick up some items if he’d like.  Caleb is still bitter about that whole part of his life though so he’s thinking about skipping it all.  Surely Hanna won’t let that happen.

Aria stops by Ezra’s apartment after she finishes her classes to lie on his twin-sized bed. And gets interrupted by his brother, the Lipstick Bandit.  He claims that Ezra offered him the spot but it becomes fairly clear during Aria’s repeated visits to water the plants and pout that something is going on with him.

Elsewhere Spence is busy meeting men in strange corners.  Are all Private Investigators this creepy?  He wants more money to tell Spencer about where she can stick that key.  But it wasn’t entirely clear that he wasn’t talking about sex. 

Meanwhile Emily decided to head back to the police station to see if she could get a picture of Det. Wilden at Cape Mays as if that somehow proves he was the father of Alison’s baby.  But it’s already been removed.  She does however get a new message from A written on a post card she left in Ali’s grave.  It’s written in French.  So definitely from Mona?

She takes it over to Spencer’s house for deciphering since she clearly failed French (in addition to almost every other class she’s ever been in).  Turns out A wasn’t threatening to turn her into the police as she initially thought – they only want her to back off.  The implied “or else” is open for interpretation. 

And for the first time (at least in a while) – we’re learning about things after they’ve happened off screen:  At some point (in between episodes):  Hanna told Emily about the Paige situation and it seems it wasn’t at all what it looked like.  She was just trying to get information from the Halloween Store clerk on who brought the queen of hearts costume.  The clerk got a little handsy but it definitely wasn’t a date.  And she wasn’t of much help; she hasn’t tracked down the purchase (yet).