A lot happened in this episode.  Blondes showed their crazy.  Brunettes had breakdowns.  And a shirtless man appeared fresh out the shower.   There is so much to cover, let’s jump right in.

The girls are at the Montgomery house tending to a fever-ish Aria, who in her stupor she insists that they leave her all alone at home with a band of crazy people around.  She’ll manage on her own.  This clearly will not end well.

And to prove it, Toby and Mona are in their new hide-out, which looks exactly like the last one, cooking up a dastardly plan that will instill fear into the hearts of the girls. Toby thinks they are rushing things since Spencer doesn’t fully trust him yet.  But Mona alludes to the head A needing the Liars to know that she in charge.  (It’s unclear if Mona is playing a long-con and Toby is just another piece of her puzzle or if there is actually someone else moving all the pieces and they are both pawns.)

Back at the Brew, Toby meets up with Emily for reasons that are unclear.  But it results in her gaining the keys to his flat – which is exactly what Spencer wanted.  Dun Dun Dun…

At the Marin house, Hanna is stressing over which outfit to wear for her interview with the best fashion designer in Pennsylvania.  (Seriously?  I need them to find another way to introduce plot devices.  Aria, the famed photojournalist,  hasn’t taken a picture since she supposedly got great at it overnight during the last half of the season).  Caleb isn’t much help with the decision either.  But as Hanna is leaving to go try on a dress she overhears her long-haired beau planning a meet-up with someone that aims to help him stop Mona in her tracks.  Hanna confronts him about it immediately but he lies and claims he was talking to his mother.

Meanwhile back at casa de la Hastings, Toby has come over for another hot shower.  He is wet and in nothing but a towel.  I’ll let that mental image rest before we move on.

So Spoby’s anniversary is tonight but they won’t be able to celebrate because Spence has to attend a dinner being held in her father’s honor.  Or at least that’s the story she sells to Toby with her mother’s help.  What she’s really going to do is plan a dinner for him back at his spot while he’s at work.  (Can we talk about her mother’s complete non-reaction to seeing a naked male kissing her daughter …in her room?)

And while she’s doing that, life will slowly be unspooling at Aria’s house where Meredith is drugging our poor Liar with Sleepytime Tea, so that she can search for the letters.  Aria wakes up and mutters something about calling her mom and seeing a doctor but Mer ups her dosage of the potent non-habit forming ZzzQuil (no not really but something has to be in that tea!) and down our Liar goes.  Mer also takes her phone and begins showing signs of Glenn Close-ness (a la Fatal Attraction) though I think she’s aiming for Kathy Bates (a la Misery). No one tackles the Bates, but the Bates. Either way she’s coming undone!

At school Emily is cozying up to Paige by bringing all of her favorite foods.  (I can’t condone this; Punks shouldn’t be rewarded.).  But they are hilariously interrupted by Hanna who goes from asking for a moment with Ems to reaffirming her heterosexuality.  When she finally gets her foot out of her mouth, she asks Em to follow Caleb after school, so she can figure out who her lover’s secret meeting is with and after some pushing, Em agrees.

Elsewhere in the school, Mer confronts Ella to assure her that Aria is okay but sleeping soundly.  Ella thanks her and gives Aria’s phone a ring but Mer is accepting any calls at this time.  (I don’t understand why Ella never drops by the house.  It seems completely illogical that she would leave her daughter home alone and sick with no one to look after her but her ex-husband’s former mistress.)

Later in the afternoon, Hanna looking all kinds of fierce in a black and blue dress shows up at her supposed job interview.  But it’s just a set-up from the A-team!  Black hooded Toby is there to scare her half to death.  He succeeds but not before dropping the key to the A-team pad.

In another part of town, Em takes to following Caleb.  And it’s clear why Hanna is concerned because if this hottie can’t pick up on Em tailing him, then there is no way he’s going to see Mona coming.  She follows him but has to leave after Spence sends a text about Hanna being ambushed.  So she doesn’t get to see who he is meeting up with:  none other than her girlfriend Paige!