Seems these days Bryon is always apologizing for something.  And things are no different in “Mona-Mania.”  The daddy with the leastest (we’re just going to pretend Hanna’s dad doesn’t exist) apologizes to Aria for accusing her and her friends of arson and attempted murder but she shrugs it off.  Nothing is forgiven.

While they are both bemoaning his failure as a father, Em, Hanna and Spence are back at the high school basement (a major location for this half of the season apparently).  Hanna is overwhelmed at the thought of having to worry about Aria’s daddy issues on top of her own. Spencer has gone into ‘crazy eye private eye’ mode and can’t be bothered with non-A related issues.  And Emily is angry per the norm. 

They walk into the Janitor’s room just as a black hooded person is cleaning out all of the incriminating evidence and leaving behind a blank journal for the PLLs (with the message:  Move on Ladies nothing to see here).  A lot of craziness that makes no sense happens.  Spence and Em manage to accomplish nothing and they yell to Hanna to help or get out of the way.  She does what any fashion-minded teenager would do:  she stares at the hooded fellow’s shoes, so that she can identify them later.  You know as opposed to …looking at the person’s face.

The ineffective night and close encounter with a possible A puts a damper on the morning.  All of the Liars are having stress dreams.  Aria dreams she is exactly who she is:  a Liar.  Hanna dreams she loses her what she holds most precious: her looks.  Spencer’s nightmares consist of her failing at life.  And Emily’s is forgettable but no doubt consists of some sort of anger.

Remeber that thing I implied earlier about Hanna being a dumbass for staring at shoes as opposed to a face?  I take it back.  She was able to identify the shoes and link them up to Lucas.  He is all evasive when she corners him at school, but does mention that Mona is still crazy; drinking Kool-Aid is dangerous; and that he set the fire at the marathon in hopes of killing the crazy.  Hanna offers to help with whatever issues he is having but he declines.  Not like she’s all that good at it anyway.

Elsewhere ...

Paige is acting all skittish.  She already had enough on her plate having to maintain a relationship with a hot girl, now she’s got to deal with the hot girl’s psycho team of stalkers.  She isn’t Ford tough.  She’s cracking at the seams!

Aria attempts to dig into her mother’s memory bank to see if she can find out if her dad really killed Alison.  But Byron was plying her with wine that night so Ella isn’t really sure what happened that night.  She is just sad that she wasn’t available when Aria needed her early the next morning.

And just as it looks like Spencer is going to get a pass this week, Mona has decided to join the Academic Decathlon and run for captain, a spot Spencer was hoping to get for herself since the previous lead took a mysterious spill last episode and has to have surgery.  They’ll have a battle of wits that will be all kinds of epic.