But before we are allowed to witness all that goodness:  Mer talks to Ella for no apparent reason.  The look Ella gives her afterward “bitch please” is delish.    Aria is feeling sick.  (My first thought: if this chick is pregnant?! Did anyone else go there? It looks like it’s just the flu though.).  The Liar’s look for the missing stolen page from Alison’s diary that Aria apparently put in one of her boots – a hiding place her dad is familiar with.  And Aria becomes officially convinced that her dad is Public Enemy No. 1.

Also, later in the night, Lucas tells Hanna (when she shows up to his house unexpectedly) that Mona was blackmailing him into doing bad things (after she found out he was selling test answers).  It seems like a cop out.  But if him, then who else?  Could this help ease backlash from the “hyper-BS” they fed us at the end of the second season?  He isn’t going to stick around to suffer anymore though.  He is getting out of dodge.  Life in the vicinity of Mona is not safe.

At the Montgomery house, Bryon and Meredith fight in the hallway outside Aria's room.  He grabs her wounded forearm in anger and Aria witnesses it all in horror.  She follows Meredith out of the house to ask her about the fight and gain some insight into her dad’s psyche.  Turns out Bryon did steal the missing journal page if Mer is to be believed.  She caught him, tried to school him on right and wrong because she’s apparently an expert on such now, and got hurt in the process.  She also reveals that Bryon came to her house the night that Ali died because he thought she was behind the request for more blackmail money.  After that he left for Alison’s.  (Can we talk about how the entire booth went up in flames and somehow her arm was the only thing that caught fire?)

Elsewhere, Emily and Page are travelling to a party that the latter clearly doesn’t want to attend and soon they are forced to pull over because she’s having a panic attack.  She can barely hold it together and it’s understandable.  What does Em suggest? A walk in the dark forest, which is quite possibly the worst idea ever, when there are people with ill intentions making your life a living hell.  By the time they return to the car, a tire has been slit and a hooded Toby is hiding out in watch.  Em spots the hood and gives chase nearly catching up with him but she lets Paige convince her to just go back to the car.

Okay.  Whew.  Now back to Spencer and Mona.  Spencer goes SO hard.  I think that needs repeating:  Spencer goes SO hard.  And yet, just as it looks like she is going to wipe the floor with Mona, she fails to answer the last question correctly (a question we saw her going over with Toby) and Mona is now the team leader of the Academic Decathlon.  She got cocky, thought she had the advantage and forgot that this game is all of Mona’s design and no one beats the creator.  She calls Hanna to come retrieve her and her wounded ego.  Hanna uses the time to also distance herself from Mona.  She is done with trying to pretend her former bestie has any good left in her.

As all the Liars lie down for the night, we see Meredith walking to Aria’s room to bring her some soothing liquid concoction.  I think we’ve gone through enough (esp on the train) to not accept drinks from strange women with questionable morals but Aria does anyway.  No way, is she to be trusted.

Last A sighting:  Mona watching Bryon while he wraps up some paperwork at his office.  When he leaves, she calls someone and lets them know.  Mer maybe?

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