The Freaks Come Out At Night

It’s the wee hours of the night in Rosewood, PA and the freaks are out and about wreaking havoc.  Mona’s creeping into Hanna’s house to beg her former best friend for help with her biggest obstacle to date:  walking back into high school post-scandal.  Because she’s better now (at being evil) and the other kids will be mean.  And Toby is trying to run over some black hooded-kid on a skateboard, who refuses to accept that the sidewalk is his friend as opposed to the middle of the street where all cars fit. (That kid is revealed later, hang tight!)

A Dad’s Awakening & A Liar’s Denial

By the time the sun has risen, Emily’s father has already called in contractors to install an alarm system on their house to hopefully cut down on the number of people trying to kill his daughter.  Too little too late?  Paige is allowed to come over but her dad makes it clear:  until this funny business ends, Em’s social life will be stale.

Spence and Aria meanwhile are arguing over Aria’s failure to question her dad about his past involvement with Alison and probable contribution to her death on the night she accomplished everything but survival.  But Aria likes her dad now and thinks that accusing him of murder may mess things up a little.

Down the street, Hanna and her grandmother (where is her mother?) have some conversation about a distant relative who went to nuts, did a stint in rehab and got really good at hiding his mental issues.  So maybe the same can happen for Mona?  Sorry folks.  Crazy is crazy.

Obligatory School Scene

At Rosewood High where the Liars rarely do anything other than pace down halls, creep around corners and attend one class.  Em is still bummed that her parents actually want to be parents now.  But is still prepared to go on the offensive in regards to A; and that means befriending the enemy:  Mona. 

Speaking of Mona, when she arrives to school, the whispers reach a zenith as the students she wouldn’t have even noticed before, stop to gawk and wisely watch her every move.  She plays the victim deliciously.

The Liars are unsettled by her but she won’t be the only person making them uncomfortable it seems.  Meredith (Aria’s dad’s ex ho and occasional lay) is their history teacher.  And it would appear that she actually intends on teaching.  So much so that she takes Aria’s phone away after she catches her texting instead of listening to her boring lecture.  She returns it after the class and pleads with Aria and the Liars to let her do her job without any drama.  She is going to be a problem.

Cow Brains & Bathrooms

Out in the school hallway, someone decided to send Mona a not-so-subtle message by putting cow brains in her locker.  Weird though that the knife (holding the brains in place) was stabbed into her locker door but somehow didn’t show …you know from the outside of the locker door.  Must be some of the new upgraded …thicker locker doors?

Anyway Mona handles it like a pro.  She takes the knife out …brains still attached, walks it down to the trash can.  Shakes loose the brains.  Holds onto the knife a little to scare the normals and then chucks the knife in the trash too.  She then whispers something to Lucas and sashays down the hall.  Is there trouble in the A camp? 

Sometime later, the Liars convene in the bathroom for an emergency meeting on the hallway scene and they’ve already learned that the cow brains came from the bio lab.  The CSI techs (read: nosy teenagers) at this high school work faster than the actual police in this town.  Em is worried that they will get blamed like they always do.  But since they were in Meredith’s classroom they have a bit of an alibi.  As they reminisce how poor Mona looked as an outcast though Spencer snaps them back to reality and reminds them that you shouldn’t have sympathy for the crazy.  It’s ironic since she’s pretty much certified herself, but she does have a point.

Feast On This

So it’s lunch-time and Emily’s parents are in overdrive.  They apparently want her to check-in after every class to make up for their incompetence for the last few seasons.  Their phone call does a little more than annoy her though; it ensures that she’s in the right spot to see Mona talking to the Janitor, who is none other than that guy from the creepy hotel (where Alison and the A-team schemed against each other).

Meanwhile Toby is busy lying to Spencer and it’s great because it all just adds fuel to the epic meltdown she’s going to have soon.  Hanna is enlisting Caleb to question Lucas on his limp.    And we learn that Jenna turned punk and switched to another school and Mona has found a friend in Spencer’s brother Jason, who though having graduated from high school years ago, still hangs around without purpose.

After telling Hanna about the return of the creepy guy from the hotel and how he didn’t recognize her, Emily and Han go down to the basement, which is apparently accessible to students.  And find him in close proximity to the creepy doll mask that haunts them and as deaf as a white cat since they’ve opened the door and discussed the entire scene without him hearing anything.

Aria the Horrible.

At Fitz house for a mid-day “snack”, Aria freaks out.  The lies.  The lies!  She dips out as fast as possible (due to her inability to deal with lying to him) by lying to him and saying that her mom needs her when she’s really got to head down to the Brew for a meeting with the other Liars.

Spencer the Crazy.

Toby is shirtless.  There is God.  Proof confirmed.  Oh right and um, Spencer was there too.  They were doing a practice run for the marathon the school is holding.  And though evil Toby was hoping to cool down in the hot tub, she’s leaves to go get in her brother’s face about who he chooses to be friends with.  Jason doesn’t want to be so judgmental.  Or he’s just been recruited by the A-team, I can’t tell.  But either way he isn’t going to stop hanging around Mona just yet.