All Together Now…

Caleb can hack again.  He confirms that Mona lied about being dragged back to Rosewood High.  Turns out she pleaded to return.  To wrap up unfinished business of course.

Aria is freaked.  She has a secret now.  What if Ezra finds out she knows he has a kid?  How were the others able to cope for so long?  Hanna tells her to grow a set and fess up.  But me thinks that Aria is still looking for a way to get out of this without it being her fault.

What must be a few hours later (since it’s now dark outside), Toby’s finally got Spencer in the hot tub.  And with that hot piece of ass beside her, all she can think about is her brother.  See?  Crazy.  She’s coming loose at the hinges this one.

Adults Lie Too

Back at her house, Aria fumbles her first run at her dad.  She asks him if he liked Alison and he gives some generic answer.  She pokes a little more and he belts out a few more platitudes.  He’s lying and it’s obvious.  Aren’t Liars supposed to be able to spot liars or at least lies?  The double-take he does as he’s exiting her room confirms that he’s hiding something.  But is it nefarious? 

Lucas the Weird

At the Marin house, Hanna and her grandmother are watching a video that crazy Mona sent out.  She’s going the ‘I’m being bullied’ route to get back in people’s good graces.  Genius!

Lucas interrupts to hand Hanna a stack of money.  It’s the remainder of what he owes Caleb.  She quizzes him on his limp and he’s as weird and evasive as ever.  Turns out he injured himself skateboarding.  (So Toby wants Lucas dead?!!!) 

The Return of Norman Bates

It’s finally the day of the marathon and all of the Liars (minus Emily who is still on house arrest) are in attendance.  Mona is making friends from all the other (faux) victims.  No one will ever believe anything bad about her now.  And though I was initially put off by people’s instant acceptance of her it makes sense.  It’s not like she harmed them.  And who really likes the Liars in this town aside from their absent parents?

Aria tries to soothe her guilty conscience by asking Caleb if little boys really want their daddy’s around.  Officially the stupidest question she’s ever asked.  He confirms that it probably would have probably helped him.

Elsewhere, Emily’s dad gives her a pep talk about being on lock down.  But when he leaves her room for a minute, she uses the time to switch out their phones so that she can turn the house alarm off and meet up with the other liars at the school.  She’s officially better with technology than Caleb, who just makes up things as he goes.  But it was quite the risk:  switching phones with your dad when you are being terrorized by an anonymous group of people who like to send threats via text.

Anyway, the Liars return to the basement to spy on Norman Bates (creepy guy from the hotel) and find his office empty and the doll face missing.  It isn’t a total loss though since they run across Alison’s diary in his things.  She apparently wrote down all of her dastardly deeds.  Including that one time she went to Aria’s dad’s office and blackmailed him for a large sum of money.  They want to take the journal but settle on just taking that one page.  Seriously?!

Just as they were preparing to make their exit though, Bates comes down the hallway and questions them.  Of course, Spencer is the first to come up with a plausible lie and though Janitor guy rips the journal page from Aria’s hands; she is able to retrieve it when Toby inexplicably shows up.  He claims he had finished up the race and saw them go in the school but there isn’t an ounce of sweat on that wonderful body.

The girls aren’t given much time to dwell on that however since a fire has broken out in one of the booths at the marathon.  Is there ever a peaceful day in Rosewood?  If it weren’t for all the pretty people, I’d leave. 

The Guilt Trip

Back at their respective homes, Emily and Aria are both hit with the guilt trip.  Em’s dad tells her some vague war story and pleads to be her daddy.  It’s sweet.  And may have just weakened her resolve to keep secret.  (Side note:  non-amnesiac Emily is sooo much better)  Aria’s dad takes a different approach.  He outright accuses her and her friends of setting Meredith (the marathon fire victim) on fire since Mer has revealed how they weren’t exactly nice to her on her first day.  And in the process also reveals that he doesn’t really like her friends all that much.  It’s a shame: he keeps trying to find moral high ground and always winds up getting tripped up by that affair he had.  Since they aren’t buddies anymore does this mean she’ll throw the hush money in his face soon?

Jason Killed Garrett?

Wow. Okay.  Wow. Jason is relaxing on his front porch when Spencer comes over to apologize for being all aggressive about his personal life the other day and then reiterates her stance that he stay away from Mona.  He says anything to make her go away.  And then out from his house comes Mona with wound dressing.  Seems he’s got a nasty stab wound… perhaps from a run-in he had with the screwdriver held by Aria.  Wow.  So does this necessarily mean that he attacked Aria and put her in the box as well?  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter:  @inkonspik.

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