Week two of “Married to Jonas” and all is still adorable in New Jersey. 

First let’s get the players straight.  The families of Kevin and Dani Jonas can get confusing without a scorecard.

Kevin has three brothers, Joe, Nick and little Frankie, and his parents Kevin Sr. and Denise. So far Frankie hasn’t done much but the rest of the family is highly focused on the careers of Kevin, Nick and Joe. This week we don’t have to deal with any of them so let’s focus on the Deleasas.

Dani has two sisters (married, older sister Dina and high school senior, younger sister Katie), a brother named Mikey and her parents Bucky and Angela.  In this week’s episode, it’s time for Katie’s senior prom, which opens up the opportunity for us to observe all the Deleasas AND Kevin quiz young Katie about her sex life.

Thus far in the first two episodes we have a Jonas family dinner discussion about Dani’s baby-making plans followed by a Deleasa family brunch discussion about the possibility of Katie having sex after her prom.  Apparently, mealtime discussions in New Jersey are way more interesting than they are at my house. More awkward as well.

For her appearance in the episode, where she gets to have a film crew view her brother-in-law ask if she’s sleeping with her boyfriend, Katie gets a pre-prom party at stately Jonas manor.  Kevin goes all out with the decorations, maintaining that he didn’t miss having a prom of his own to go to because he was in Europe touring with Avril Lavigne when he would have been at prom. But as the episode goes on and Kevin sees everyone in their finest prom duds, he admits that going to prom would have been fun.  (Foreshadowing!)

A side plot had Kevin invited to a racetrack (apparently racing cars is something he does for fun) and Dani inviting her father and brother to go along with him. Kevin looks annoyed when she does this in front of everyone without talking with him about it first but later he seems to think it’s nice she invited them and then the three men bond over fast cars while Dani and her sisters go prom gown shopping.

Katie assures everyone she won’t be sleeping with her boyfriend, Rocky realizes he has to let his little girl grow up and when everyone leaves Dani holds a mini-prom for Kevin in their basement (complete with balloons which, we find out in this episode, Dani is deathly afraid of because “the move around”).

So not much tension between Dani and Kevin this week.  As adorable as these two are to watch (and they are) it’s worth wondering how long they can keep the attention of a public who spent their time prior to the airing of last night’s show watching the Kardashians in therapy.