In "One Man's Trash" – the season two episode of "Girls" that inspired much debate – Hannah spent a passionate weekend in the brownstone of a recently separated, very handsome doctor (played by Patrick Wilson). That such a conventionally attractive man would be interested in Hannah set a lot of viewers off. It was too implausible, they said. Too beyond the realm of reality.

I was fine with that episode – attraction and sexuality are fluid, hard to peg and define ideas – but I had a lot of issue's with last night's season three finale "Two Plane Rides." In it, we learn that Hannah has been accepted into Iowa University's MFA writing program, the most prestigious writing program in the country. In some ways, this is in the realm of believability – we wouldn't know much about Hannah's writing ability because we've never seen it or even heard a piece read aloud. The more preposterous idea is that we didn't even know she was applying to grad school. Applications are tedious, stressful endeavors – especially writing applications, that require page counts and samples of your absolute best work. Surely Hannah would have been struggling with this for several episodes? Surely she didn't just casually email a few essays about cocaine and sex and expect the back? Surely she would be complaining about the pricey cost of application fees and the arduous process of mailing transcripts.

But no. She didn't. And yes, she was accepted. But wait, she might not actually go.

This is an enormous professional achievement for Hannah, but it throws a wrench in her personal life. Marnie and her parents are thrilled for her, but Adam has a hard time dealing – especially since she tells him about it moments before he makes his Broadway stage debut. In his mind, the news is the end for them, and the reason he flubs his performance (though he doesn't visibly flub anything).

The opening night of "Major Barbara" serves as a set piece for more than just Hannah and Adam's turmoil – it brings the whole gang together. Marnie and Shoshanna arrive together, which is an odd pairing given that Marnie only recently told Shoshanna that she's been sleeping with Ray. Shoshanna, who just found out she can't graduate NYU for another semester, responds accordingly – by pinning Marnie on her bed and screaming "I HATE YOU" in her face. But they arrive at the play cordially, though the appearance of Ray shakes Shosh a bit. At intermission, she begs him to take her back, assuming it was his presence that kept her life together before. But he turns her down because they're "not in the same place." It's as heartbreaking as it sounds.

Marnie isn't phased by the Shoshanna interaction, because she's only got one thing on her mind – Desi, her sexy singing partner, who's also in the "Major Barbara" production. She surprises him backstage with a James Taylor guitar pick, and he's so charmed by her gift that he makes out with her. And it's hot. After the performance, Marnie – on cloud nine after their kiss despite Hannah and Elijah's warning that it's definitely not a good thing – runs into Desi's girlfriend Clementine in the bathroom. Clementine condescends Marnie for making moves on her man, which is harsh but just what Marnie needs to hear.

Meanwhile, Elijah wore a suit with dress shorts and has fun sneaking into cast photos at the after party.

The only Girl not at the play is Jessa, who's dealing with new boss Beadie. It's an afterthought of a storyline – Beadie wants Jessa to assist her in suicide, then changes her mind last minute after Jessa has already given her a lethal dose of pills. Beadie's fate is unknown. Jessa's too. (Did Jessa even get in trouble for stealing all that money from her kid's clothing store a few episodes ago? Are there even consequences on this show anymore?)

By episode's end, Hannah returns to her apartment to smile at her acceptance letter with a sense of pride we've never really seen her display. But will she actually go to Iowa? What does that mean for her and Adam? Will Marnie and Desi get together? Will Shosh and Ray work it out? Is Jessa going to jail? It's a surprising number of cliffhangers for a "Girls" finale. Let's hope next season delivers the goods. I'll be waiting.