On this episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we see the wives balancing family and friends.  Caroline finds herself balancing a new gig on the radio, while also trying to be there for her family and friends and is hoping to give them support and well as get it.

Caroline’s has finally found an outlet to express her personality and gains an opportunity to share her insight and motherly advice with the world when she gets a gig at Jersey 101.5 with a show called “ Caroline Rules”.  Caroline although excited by the new gig, seems to have some trepidation after seeing her picture on the company website and hearing all the promotion her upcoming gig is getting. To further complicate matters, Caroline learns the format of her new show, which includes a call in segment that leaves her two minutes to come up with a resolution to each problem.  Fearing, she has bit off more than she can chew Caroline starts to get cold feet until she receives reassurance from her family and friends that she will do fine and her daughter Lauren accompanies her to the radio station.

Meanwhile the Gorga/Guidice drama continues as the Gorga family is still divided. Melissa and Joe are getting ready to meet with Teresa. Neither Joe or Teresa want to admit accept fault or lack of communication for their fallout and blame their each other’s spouses rather than each other. Teresa tries to make amends by swallowing her pride and asking to meet with her brother to talk things out, he agrees.

Caroline starts her gig, at the radio station and begins to a rocky start, when she freezes right as she’s about to go on air. She finds her footing however, and begins getting into the groove fielding questions to her audience and answering them. Inevitably, it seems the subject of family feuds comes up and Caroline reminds her audience that family comes first, they will be with you forever, they should be priority and come above all else and nothing should come between that. She also urges her audience to talk and communicate and really listen to each other with an open mind and heart because if things can’t be resolved regrets will come later.  As Caroline speaks we see the scene cut to other housewives Jacqueline and Kathy.  Caroline seems to get through her first show in one piece and she looks forward future ones. 

As Joe leaves to meet with his sister wife Melissa wishes him luck and says she wants “ Peace for the family”. Joe leaves the house with some trepidation but knows something has to be done and certainly has a lot to say to his sister.

Teresa and Joe meet at a restaurant and begin discussing the past couple of months the “ Christening” fiasco and past hurts.  Joe says Teresa doesn’t respect him, his wife or their marriage. Teresa says that Melissa caused a rift between her and her brother and wrote a nasty comment in her housewarming card saying “ Congratulations on your redone home”, while Joe argues that Teresa said that he only built and moved so quickly into his home because they had a loan. He tells Teresa she hurts people by telling it “ How it is”.   Teresa also argues with Joe about not supporting her and coming to her book signings, he said he didn’t come because he “ wasn’t “invited” Joe calls Teresa and his parents out for not being an “aunt” and “ grandparents” He argues that no matter what his wife is like Teresa and their parents should accept her and his children and be in their lives. Saying that his parents should be picking up the phone every day to talk to his children.  His tells to Teresa in order to resolve the issues she has with Melissa, they need to meet and talk it out. The problem being they are too much the same, stubborn, flashy and that’s made them competitive with one another. Teresa and Joe are on the road to making amends and Teresa agrees to meet with Melissa.

After leaving his meeting with Teresa, Joe and Melissa meet at their accountant Kim and Bob Hiza’s house and have dinner with them along with cousins Kathy and Rich. Not long after beginning the meal, the conversation turns to Teresa and her troubles. Melissa, Kathy, Rich and Bob start to gossip about Teresa’s problems with her brother and the upcoming auction on her belongings. Although the relationship between Joe and his sister is strained he defends her saying she is going through a rough time right now and they shouldn’t be discussing it.

The next day Teresa meets with Jacqueline to recount the night’s events and the conversation with her brother and the impending meeting with Melissa Teresa tells Jacqueline that she feels like Melissa is a “gold digger” she grew up with nothing and had to work for everything she had so when she saw that Teresa’s brother Joe had built a nice home and had a little money she figured an easy way out to a better life unlike the hard road her Melissa’s sister seemed to have faced. . Jacqueline offers Teresa up her home as a neutral place to meet and Teresa says if Melissa agrees they will meet there.

The episode wraps up to Melissa and Teresa meeting at Jacqueline’ s to hash it out and ends not knowing what will happen. Tune in next week, to see if the two reconcile their differences or if this family feud is one that will never end.