Last night, "Dexter" returned with a new twist on a premise similar to last season's dilemma for its main character and one tiny bundle of a bombshell.

For the second consecutive season, TV's valiant serial killer has put himself in jeopardy with his bloodlust. This time, it wasn't a murderer's garden under the see that has the police on his trail, but the accidental slaying of an innocent bystander, at least that's the way it would appear.

On the trail of a murderer and drug dealer named Freebo, our hero accidentally drops in on a fight between him and an unidentified visitor. In the struggle, Dexter mistakenly buries a knife in this unexpected guest's heart in a flurry of self-defense. This move instantly has him experiencing full Bay Harbor Butcher fear as his victim is Oscar Prado, a youth counselor and the brother of Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits). Seems this is going to be a classic Red Ball (to borrow a term from "Homicide" and "The Wire") investigation, headed by newly-minted Seargent Angel Batista, that will once again find Dexter under the full heat of a spotlight he's always taken careful measures to avoid.

Elsewhere on the force, Debra takes a vacation from booze, cigarettes, cursing and men that lasts all of four weeks until Dexter leaves her to celebrate Harry's birthday alone after he's decided to move on from his father's influence. She also has a new partner named Joey Quinn played by somebody who's even more bald and ever worse an actor than Erik King of Sgt. Doakes fame. Seems Quinn is under some sort of investigation from Internal Affairs and the officer in charge wants Debra to help out in bringing him in.

All in all, this episode seemed very familiar. The show isn't taking any new risks by putting Dexter in a situation incredibly similar to last season's trouble. Eschewing a deeper examination of his psyche in favor of more police procedural plotlines, it seems that producers are more concerned with producing frothy and twisted fun than a true character study.

And why not? The pilot was great fun. It had all the humor and disturbing crimes that fans come to expect from the serial killer drama, and the addition of Jimmy Smits will certainly raise the level of the show as after one episode his Miguel Prado already appears to be the most intriguing character beyond its titular slayer.

So yeah, it should be more of the same from Dexter this year, oh, wait, I forgot to mention Rita.

Well, she and Dexter are still playing house and he's growing even closer to her kids. Rita is so happy with her situation that she spent most of the episode rolling in the sheets with her boyfriend and freebasing pudding afterwards. All this led to a twist that would make pretzel blush: Turns out Dexter's gonna be a daddy.

Guess the producers are trying something new after all.

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Story by Andrew Payne

Starpulse contributing writer