In the eighth week of the competition, the dancers are as excited as they are nervous that Cher is in the house tonight, as a performer and a judge. Corbin Bleu and Karina are up first with the Argentine Tango but give no indication of their nerves as they give the other competitors something to be scared about. As Cher calls their dance beautiful, the couple scores a 27 with the judges. As Leah Remini expresses to Tony that she is ecstatic that Cher will be taking the place of Len this week, the two get ready to dance the Viennese Waltz to Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.” Although it was a cute gesture, the couple only scored a 25 tonight.

Brant Daugherty took his partner, Peta to the set of Pretty Little Liars this week to show her what he does everyday. When they return to the studio to practice the Foxtrot, it seems like he is struggling a bit with the steps. But he doesn’t show it on the dance floor as he grooves his way to the top with a score of 27. Elizabeth Berkley and Val dance a Jazz routine to Cher’s “Bang Bang” and not only is it hot but Elizabeth’s skills are improving tremendously every week. Unfortunately we were the only ones who thought it was fabulous as they only scored a 25 with the judges.

Bill Engvall and Emma will try to prove that their disco is “Strong Enough” for Cher. No matter what the judges think, Bill is just too cute that you have to love the guy. The fact that he gets so proud of himself after every dance gives him the audience’s vote for sure. But as far as what the judges thought? The two only scored a 24. Jack Osbourne and Cheryl will dance the Tango tonight as Cher night continues to heat up the stage. He is certainly impressing us so far and although Cher and Bruno call the two a pimp and hooker, they score a 27.

Last up tonight are Amber Riley and her partner, Derek performing the Rumba. All we have to say is ‘hot damn!’ Not only does Amber rip off Derek’s shirt at the beginning of the performance but she is the sexist we have ever seen her as they make the room sweat to “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Although the other judges loved it, Carrie Ann didn’t think Amber was at her full potential tonight. Regardless, the two scored the highest score of the night with a 28.

Throwing us another curveball, the teams prepare for the dance off in which the couples will dance against each other for bonus points from the judges. Elizabeth and Val take on Corbin and Karina in the Cha Cha while Brant and Peta are up against Leah and Tony in the Rumba. The remaining contestants, Jack and Cheryl will be up against Bill and Emma in the Disco. Who will take the cake in the dance off round and earn the coveted bonus points? Corbin and Karina, Leah and Tony and Jack and Cheryl. As much as we hate to see anyone go this week, there will be a couple that has to leave the competition in this eighth week of Dancing With the Stars. Surprisingly, that unfortunate couple is Brant and Peta.