This week in reality TV: Things heat up on The Real Housewives of Orange County, two models were sent home on America's Next Top Model, and on Top Chef an incompetent chef was finally told to pack his knives.

Let's get right into it and start out with some fireworks.

Tamra and Gretchen ended last week's "Real Housewives" (9PM CST Thursday Bravo) calling each other name's and it continued into this week. Tamra continued to lay into Gretchen, calling her a "filthy nasty whore" and a gold-digger.

Wow, Tamra was hot and I think her stress level at home is making her go crazy. Why would anyone say that to someone even if they are a filthy nasty gold digging whore? It is none of Tamra's business and she looks worse than Gretchen.

The fight ends with nothing resolved and Gretchen holds a tanning party a few days later. Slade is, of course, there and ready to have some fun in front of the cameras and the girls. He is the first one to hop in the tanner and goes in with nothing on but a sock, attention whore.

Lynne's kids are at the party and they want to drink a few beers but they are underage, which is funny because they were drinking on camera last season. Perhaps Lynne put her foot down against underage drinking, but we highly doubt that.

Later in the episode Lynne takes her daughter Raquel to a plastic surgery consultant because Lynne wants a facelift (eww) and Raquel wants a rhinoplasty (double eww). I had to mention this because I think plastic surgery is gross especially for a 50-year-old woman and a teenage girl. It is perfectly fine for a 24 year old aspiring Playboy bunny and that is about it.

Tamra and Vicki have become best friends and while at lunch AKA gossip fest, Tamra tells Vicki how she and Simon are having trouble. Simon is only selling tequila for a living and not working at Fletcher Jones anymore and the family is struggling to afford their $1.5 million home. Vicki tells Tamra she needs to help support her family and get a job.

Although Vicki is insane she is the only one with her head on straight, which is why her husband Don is so cool and her children will be successful.

Jeana is also in dire straights with money. She has nearly sold everything but her house and is hoping to sell a $12 million home where she can take in around $300K. Jeana met her daughter Kara (the best looking girl on the show) who is now waiting tables to pay her rent.

The Keough family has been the main reason why I watch the housewives of OC and I feel horrible for them. Next week will be Jeana's last episode and I might shed a tear as the family has been through a lot.

Vicki took her mother and sister to Italy but her mother is the least appreciative person I have ever seen and we finally met the new husband and housewife of OC. So far they are pretty boring because everything seems to be going in the right direction.

With only four girls left "America's Next Top Model" (Wednesday CW 7PM CST) is finally nearing the end and I feel the series might be ending as well. They tried to change things up this season and used the shortys instead of the regular model types and I am not sure it kept the viewers interested. Maybe this is the type of show that might need to comeback in 2015 with a revamped approach.

Like I said before, there are only four shortys left, Nicole, Laura, Jennifer, and Erin. Erin has been struggling lately and is determined to perform better but she is going up against some talented girls.

Laura wins the competition and brings Jennifer along with her on the trip. The girls later find out two of them will be going home and I am happy to say my pick on the first episode, Nicole, will be a finalist along with … wait for it … Laura.

Both are strong candidates but I got Nicole ;).

I watched "Top Chef" (Wednesday 9PM CST Bravo) for the first time in a while this season and I came away slightly surprised one of the chefs was still in the competition.

Robin was finally told to pack her knives after growing on everyone's nerves including the chefs and judges. She should have been gone a month ago and I was shocked to see she was still in contention.

Kevin, Michael, and Bryan have been the best chefs all season long and I do not have any idea who will win out of them.

The Girls Next Door (Sunday E! 9pm CST) is not even close to as good as with the other girls but these girls are still pretty dumb and funny. Crystal planted a garden with her friend and mother … Zzzzz … and Hef offers a movie role to the twins as dancers.

The twins struggle in the class and struggle to get up on time LOL. Although Crystal doubted her Playmate abilities she tried out and got the gig. Duh, she is Hef's GF, what is she doubting?

There are only three designers left on Project Runway (Thursday Lifetime 9PM CST): Irina, Carol Hannah, and Althea and all of them will compete during Fashion Week during next week's episode.

Darrell defeated Cohutta in the Ruins (MTV Wednesday 9PM CST) and that makes him the richest player on the challenge. Sarah defeated frenemy Johanna and things are starting to get very interesting between friends. You will see some back stabbing very soon and I think there is a fight next week!

This week on The Hills (Kristin Cavaliri voice) (Tuesday MTV 9PM CST) things got even spicier thanks to Kristin. Now that Brody and Jayde are "on a break" (only for the cameras) KC plans on rekindling her and Brody's romance (not to be confused with his bromances).

KC and Brody go out to a club with friends and wouldn't you know, Jayde shows up. The look on Brody's face was hilarious and he knew he was toast. Jayde and KC get into a shoving match in the club (LOL) and Brody leaves with KC.

Brody is acting so immature; he loves Jayde and vise versa. I think he is just playing games, which is silly. He needs to take a look at Jayde and KC and realize what he has in Jayde, one of the hottest girls on the planet.

Spencer wants to get a vasectomy and is acting like a selfish jerk about the children issue with his wife; marriage is a two-way street buddy.

Audrina really likes Justin but he is too busy playing mind games with her. I don't get these mind games these dudes are playing, they are very immature, childish, trivial, and typical of what 13-year-old girls do. Grow up.

"Million Dollar Listing" (Bravo 9PM CST Monday) is really bad and this has to be the last season of the show. Nothing happens, even in a real estate crisis, and the producers need to step up their game, as Madison and Josh are extremely boring. Needless to say, Chad needs his own show.

Story by Matt Anaya

Starpulse contributing writer