This week in reality TV saw Rachel Zoe's season end with my lady Taylor not leaving RZ, Jon & Kate are canceled and sued, and "The Hills" is heating up.

The Rachel Zoe Project ended its season gracefully this week and I am very happy to report Taylor will not be quitting. Phew, I love her, I was scared her ego was going to get in the way of her realizing the uh-maze-ing (Rachel Zoe voice) job she already has.

Tay was still upset at Rachel for making her make the decision about who goes to Paris. Tay picked Brad because she is humble and did not want to pick herself, even though she feels more qualified.

Taylor has also been bugging Rachel about how she feel's like she is running in place and not maximizing her potential in the field she is in. Rachel listens to Taylor and at the end of the episode promotes Taylor to the branding side of RZ. Brad, on the other hand, literally did nothing all season long and he got to go to Paris. Taylor says she is not upset with Brad but thinks he is undeserving, and I agree with Tay.

The season ended with Rodger taking over the business side of the RZ brand, which frightened Brad and Taylor because Rodger is much more serious than Rachel. Rachel needed to hand off some of the business side to her empire due to her Vertigo, aka VertiZoe, and Rodger was ready and willing to help her. Whatta guy!

Million Dollar Listing (Monday on Bravo) opened its new season with a theme that will carry the show all season long. As we all know the real estate business is atrocious right now and only the strong survive, or something like that.

Our good friends Chad, Madison, and Josh are as douchey as it gets and, what did I tell you about douche bags making great TV? These guys are solid reality stars because they are so important, dramatic, and god's gift to selling real estate. Recession? What recession?

It is really hard for me to decide whom I love to hate more, but Chad took an early lead with his laser hair removal. As the season continues each of them will be making strong claims for the title of biggest douche bag on the show.

The Hills (Tuesdays on MTV) got a little bit more interesting (not really) this week as Jayde threw Brody a surprise birthday party, Kristen and Justin are officially dating, and Spencer is still adamant about not having kids.

Jayde threw Brody a nice surprise party and everything was going great until Kristen wanted to have the after party at her Malibu beach house. Personally, I though that was a great idea and who would turn that down?

Well, Brody's GF did not like the idea, which started a fight that Brody said, is the type of fight that ends relationships. Brody went to Kristen's after party sans Playboy model GF Jayde. Brody is the man.
Meanwhile, Kristen told Lo and Stephanie she and Justin are official but JB did not show up to either of the parties. Strike one Justin. If we have learned anything about KC, you do not mess with her and if you do, you are a dead man walking.

Spencer refuses to make babies with Heidi, which will ultimately be the downfall of their relationship, and even told his loser friend he wants to get his tubes tied. Enzo came over uninvited again and knows the code to Spediwood. Spencer threatened to change the code but I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Enzo. I love Enzo he is a cutie pie.

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel (Tuesday on TruTV) is slowly coming to an end and after starting as one of my favorite shows I am slightly embarrassed I watch it.

This week the girls are focused on making their Girls of Rehab Calendar and lead by Jessica my guess is the calendar will turn out great. It is not that hard of a concept; babes in bikinis in Las Vegas. I am sure it will sell.

Some entrepreneur creep came into Rehab and was trying to sell his new bar to the servers of Rehab. He promised them everything including a new pair of breasts, dental and health insurance, and the best new party environment in the world. The dude was a total jerk to the girls and by the end of the episode he was kicked off the property by Matt.

Mallory got into some trouble with some unruly Brits and the end of this season cannot come soon enough.

Hell's Kitchen finale was a fun one. After a decent season of drama it finally came down to Ariel, Kevin, and Dave. It was a two-hour special and FOX producers did a good job of filling the finale with anxiety and drama.

Ariel was the first to go even though Kevin made a major mistake by forgetting the sauce to his dish in the semifinals. If Kevin had not been so good all season long, he would have been toast after his mindless blunder.

Dave and Kevin were the two best chefs all season long, although that is not saying much because the competition was weak. They could have fast-forwarded a month ago but that would have not made for good TV. Kevin made more mistakes in the finale than Dave and Dave was more diligent with his work. Dave pulled the upset and won this season of Hell's Kitchen with literally one arm. Congrats.

This week was boring on The Ruins (Wednesday on MTV) because Wes decided to play fair. That is a bummer because I am always up for roid raging drama on MTV. Evan and Veronica are starting to become a couple but only Evan has feelings for her; Veronica is sleeping with the boss and she expects immunity in return for sex.

Tonya got drunk, nearly killed herself, and made out with a female townie, which is an eventful episode for most, but for Tonya, that is a Tuesday afternoon. The Challengers actually won this week's challenge (I thought they would go winless) and have a little momentum on their side for an hour or two.

Adam and Brianna are voted in the elimination by their teammates and both pick formidable opponents. Adam picks Syrus and Brianna picks Susie. Syrus and Susie narrowly defeat their opponent and all the momentum the Challengers had is gone after losing two more teammates. Next week I think Tony goes home after hitting Veronica and I think Danny also goes home because he is a weak competitor.

Reality Bites:

Nicole on Americas Next Top Model has been my girl since the beginning and the producers might like her more than me. Last week she won the best photo competition and she will be around for a while. Kara was voted off, barely beating Sundai, another personal favorite of mine.

Next week is the season finale for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. That means one thing to me: OC is around the corner! For starters, Slade is now dating Gretchen. Wow.

Shirin got eliminated in an eventful Project Runway.

Matt Anaya

Story by Matt Anaya

Starpulse contributing writer