Another week of reality TV in the books and this is what happened on our favorite shows...

Hell's Kitchen (FOX Tuesday 7 CST)

The show took last week off but this week they came back strong with back-to-back episodes. After watching HK and Top Chef I am beginning to think all these cooking shows are running thin on deserved cooks because there are very few consistent chefs.

Episode 1

This week Suzanne joined the blue team and the guys were not too happy about it but Kevin, Dave, and Van will have to deal with it. Frankly, Suzanne has been terrible and I am surprised she is still on the show.

Tennille was the happiest to see her frenemy Suzanne go to the opposition and although Tennille has stepped up her game lately, I still find her extremely annoying.

This week was another bundle of blunders in the kitchen for both teams as Van looked lost in the kitchen and so did Ariel.

Seriously these aren't chefs they are cooks. Get it together!

Sabrina was listless in the kitchen, as she has been lately and her halibut was extremely under cooked.

In the end the red team picked Sabrina and the blue team picked Van. Both chefs deserve to go home but Sabrina was told to pack her knives. Woops! Wrong show ;).

Episode 2

There are no more teams as there are only six chefs (cooks) left. This week they were paired up into teams - Van and Ariel, Tennille and Kevin, and Suzanne and Dave.

Dave and Suzanne surprisingly won the "Taste It, Now Make It" challenge as they were the only group to identify the fruit on their entrée.

Later, the chefs frustrated Ramsay so much with their inconsistencies and inadequacies he left the kitchen in pure frustration. I don't blame him, every week it is something new with these clowns.

Ramsay was frustrated because once again Van undercooked his dish and Chef Ramsay noticed Van's sweat started dripping in his dishes and his partner Ariel burned her dish.

When Ramsay left Tennille took the kitchen over and she has started to assert herself as one of the best chefs (not cooks) on the show.

Ramsay eliminated Van and it looks like Suzanne and Ariel are battling to see who goes home next. Hopefully next week is a double elimination.

America's Next Top Model (CW Wednesday 7 CST)

In yet another show where there are entirely too many contestants and only a few good ones this ANTM season started slow but last week's comical travesty involving Tyra aka Super Smize caught my attention. I was excited to see what would happen this week but sadly nothing did.

Bianca does not have many friends on the show due to her immature hard outer shell but this week, sensing she will go home shortly, Bianca started to open up. She and my favorite Nicole had a conversation that got the other girls gossiping about why Bianca is talking to her.

Unlike all the other girls, Nicole judges no one and was glad to lend some support to Bianca. It was a somewhat touching moment to see teenage girls actually support each other, kinda.

The girls had to walk in tandems and were embarrassed on the runway by a nine year old, proving you don't have to be tall in order to dominate the runway.

Brittany won the tandem competition and a handsome reward but she was nearly eliminated for her poor modeling performance. Lulu was sent home and if I were to guess, I think Bianca is heading home next week.

The Rachel Zoe Project (Monday Bravo 9 CST)

This week Rachel's schedule is loaded and she is stressing, what else is new?

Along with her normal schedule, Rachel had to act for an episode of the Blah Girls (Ashton Kutcher's blog), which was fun to watch.

Rachel can act, I mean she lives in Hollywood, so that did not surprise me but what did is the way she handled herself was very professional and it took no time to finish that project.

Taylor and Brad are starting to share similar thoughts that they are not progressing in their careers fast enough for their liking. It looks like something will happen next week but I ask Taylor and Brad this:

Both of you are Rachel's top assistants, I am not sure how you they want to go, aren't you at the top?

Rachel got really sick this week and next week she finds out what her perpetual illness is. Also next week Brad and Taylor both want to go to Paris with Rachel but only one can go.


Flipping Out (Bravo Tuesday 9 CST)

My man Jeff has been stressed out all season long because his business partner and former life partner has been making deals behind his back. Ryan, Jeff's former partner has started venturing out on his own and Jeff's assistant says there is a noticeable wedge in their friendship.

Jeff is disappointed in Ryan but wants to remain friends and Jeff loves Chloe, Ryan's daughter.

The funniest moment of the week happened when Jeff took the two-year-old Chloe out for lunch.

When Jeff asked Chloe who her best friend at school was she replied, "Not Megan, she's a bitch."

When Jeff asked Chloe her favorite drink she replied, "Chardonnay."

Remember, this is a two year old and Ryan was reluctant to let Jeff take Chloe out because he teaches Chloe bad words and bad behavior. It was hysterical.

Another funny moment was when Trace, Jeff's intern came to work dressed too Euro for Jeff's liking. He wore extremely short shorts one day and a bow tie with a chain on it the next. Jeff was perplexed and Trace had no idea why. Hilarious.

Next week: Jeff finally confronts Ryan about his behavior.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC Monday 8 CST)

Aww, I feel bad for Kate. She keeps talking about how lonely she is and how she has to accept it because she loves her kids so much. I am starting to love Kate and I wish I had her contact information because I would love to help her out around the house.

This week, as Jon was non-existent, she took the kids to an Amish farm to pick fresh fruit for dinner that night. The kids were so cute and loved every moment on the farm and the kids never act like this around Jon. They are typically cranky and want to see their mother when with Jon.

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel (TruTV Tuesday 9 CST)


This week Rehab was a fun one to watch as Danielle, a new server, was introduced. She is definitely the best-looking one there but is a rookie and did not know how to serve drinks. How did she get the job? Hmmm.

Funny thing about Danielle is she was recently in Playboy and told the camera nobody knows she did Playboy, not even her parents. Well, something tells me they now know.

(Shaking my head)

In other server news, Julia has taken up online dating and finally got to meet her match at the pool but not before Ali played a joke on her. Ali told the goofiest looking guy at the pool to go up to her and tell Julia he was Eric, her date.

Julia was shocked and almost wanted to cry but she knew it was a joke after a few minutes. She new what her Prince Charming looked like and was very excited to finally meet him.

Finally, Eric and Julia meet and she is eager for their scheduled date later that night. But there is a problem. While serving, Julia meets another girl who knows Eric and says they went out on a date last night.

I actually thought that was staged, as it looked completely silly when the other girl dumped her drink on Eric.

Another event I thought was staged was when my man Deebo was drop kicked by some drunk. It looked like a WWE move.

I am beginning to think this is the last season of Rehab. I hope not.

Top Chef (Bravo Wednesday 9 CST)

Ron was told to pack his knives. A dull explanation but that is what they get after another uneventful episode of what used to be one of my favorite shows on TV.

Project Runway (Lifetime Thursday 9 CST)

My guy Ra'Mon was surprisingly eliminated in project runway. I had a bet with my GF he would make the top 3. I lost.

Story by Matt Anaya