Welcome back reality fans! After a week off week off we get back to "reality" and this week included the season finale of The Hills (boo!) and we are inching closer to the finales of "Million Dollar Listing" and "The Ruins."

Monday on the penultimate episode of "Million Dollar Listing" (9PM CST Bravo) Chad starts to fight with his longtime GF about spending quality time with each other and it sets up for a nice big dramatic break up for next week. Can't wait! Love when couples fight on TV.

I have been waiting for these two to break up for a while and I have no idea why Victoria is with him. He is extremely high maintenance, even higher than she, and it is not like he is a good person with a good heart.

The best part of the show was when all three of the drama queens (Chad, Madison, and Josh) show up at the same open house. The three trade accusations about listings and who is the better broker between them and Chad shows off his sweater wearing dog Starla. The sweater has Chad's "Talk is Cheap" motto, but the funny thing is, Chad talks the most out of anyone.

According to the previews for next week's finale there will be more fighting and hopefully the producers have been saving the best for last, otherwise this might be the last season for MDL.

Tuesday we had to say goodbye to our favorite people to hate, the cast of "The Hills" for at least a few months.

It looks like everyone's least favorite couple is going to give it another shot. Justin Bobby and Kristin Cavallari have dated and broken up and tried again all in a month's span and they are officially an item … again.

JB rode up to Vegas on his bike to meet with KC but she eventually ran from him but later in the finale she caved to JB's charm and promises.

JB was actually dumped by Audrina (again) a few moments before Justin made (false) promises to KC and it looks like Justin wants to be comforted by a hot babe. Hey, I cannot blame the guy but he is definitely a woman eater and I would tell my sister to stay away from him.

In other "Hills" news, Heidi is not pregnant (duh) and Jayde wants to move in with Brody. I am confused with Brody. I do not know if he is completely stupid for not moving in with one of the hottest girls in the world or he is reverting back to his Romeo (single) days.

Either way, Brody is the man.

Wednesday marked the return and the second to last episode of "The Ruins" (9PM CST MTV). The last time we watched Darrell and Brad were kicked off the show because of their amazing fight (seriously, it was a top moment in MTV history) and we were left in the middle of Susie and Kim's tug of war match.

Susie defeated Kim in a grueling yet sexy rope a dope match and Dunbar, who was mentally checked out a few weeks ago as his male teammates were knocked off one by one, lost to Bananas.

If this match were earlier in the season Bananas would have been sent home promptly but Dunbar did not care anymore. The Champs won the last challenge and Susie picked Casey in the last elimination round.

Susie easily defeated the supremely inferior Casey and since Susie is loaded with over $31K and hates her teammates, she does not care if her team wins the whole thing. Bananas is well aware of Susie's hatred and wanted his team to throw the mission so the Challengers would select fembot KellyAnne to face and eliminate Susie in The Ruins, but that did not happen and it looks like the Champs are toast in next week's finale.

Thursday was full of awkwardness on The Real Housewives of Orange County as Vicki flew a dude out from Indianapolis to meet her daughter Brianna. This kid had Indiana written all over him; horrible hair cut, lackluster personality, probably loved Jesus, and had no sense of style to him. Perfect for SoCal and Brianna, not. What was Vicki thinking?

Vicki met this kid, Chris, on vacation and she thought he was perfect for her daughter so she flew him out for three days. Three days! Horrible idea and by the end of the third day both Chris and Brianna were very happy it was over.

Gretchen met with Jeff's children in Michigan, which was very nice of her, but I think it was a little contrived. Gretchen gets a bad rap for a few of the mistakes she has made but at the same time I think she had a rough high school experience and she likes being the center of attention.

At the end of the episode Tamra finds out instead of doing community service her son Ryan will be going to jail for five days. It was Ryan's decision and he actually chose jail over community service.

This is another mistake in a long line of mistakes made by Ryan and Tamra is very embarrassed. There is plenty of evidence that suggests she has made countless mistakes raising Ryan and Simon is fed up with it.

Apparently Ryan called Simon out on Facebook and Ryan also took Simon's car without a driver's license. Simon wants an apology for both and Ryan refuses; Ryan is a total moron and for the first time ever, I agree with Simon. That kid belongs in jail.

Story by Matt Anaya

Starpulse contributing writer