The tearful reconciliation between Joe and Teresa continues, thanks to blessed angel therapist Dr. V, with more talking and negotiation. The siblings absolutely have to get everything off their chests if they really want to move on. Otherwise this whole ordeal was a bust. Send in Melissa.

Melissa is summoned, albeit hesitantly, and she tells Teresa exactly why she feels so betrayed; even if Teresa doesn’t directly say terrible things about her sister-in-law, she is always conveniently in the room when they’re being said. If she truly cared about Melissa and didn’t wish her ill, she would speak up and defend her. Dr. V backs this up and calls Teresa a dumbass, much everyone’s delight.

But something wonderful and strange happens. Teresa shuts up and agrees. She apologizes and hugs it out with Melissa. They agree to work on being civil with each other, and meeting halfway to keep their relationship strong. What? Dr. V then summons Joe Giudice in for his counseling.

The two Joes speak, though not at length, and determine that they don’t hate each other; Joe Giudice just says that he doesn’t like seeing anyone attack his wife, and it makes him defensive in return. They even hug it out. He apologizes to Melissa as well. Everyone needs to hire Dr. V immediately.

Of course, Kathy is miffed when she sees Dr. V leaving the hotel because she didn’t get any therapy time; for some reason she thinks her issues with Teresa are as serious as those between Joe and his sister. Still, Kathy gathers her wits and gently confronts Teresa about their own little feud, which came about during the last reunion special (something to do with insulting each others’ fathers?). In another crazy miracle, Teresa apologizes to Kathy, and they pair make up. Everyone in the entire Gorga-Giudice family is currently made up and on good speaking terms.

What just happened?

Even poor Caroline, who’s stuck there with nothing to do now that there’s no fight to break up, can’t believe it. She calls Jacqueline and relays her the story, but Jac couldn’t care less; she is so over Teresa at this point, it’s not even funny.

So what’s a family to do now that there’s no years-long feud to mull over? PARTY.

The men and Rosie go ice fishing, while the ladies stay behind and make a feast. They also imbibe in a little alcohol. Melissa gets rip roaring drunk while cooking, and the rest of the family soon follows. Hey, they’ve got nothing else to do. Might as well celebrate.

But since Caroline is a total killjoy, she decides to bring up Jacqueline and Chris at dinner. She wants Teresa to make amends with the Lauritas now, since they’ve been going through such a rough time in their life. Baby steps, Caroline! She just fixed the other huge broken relationship in her life – two is kind of a lot for one week.

But that hiccup doesn’t deter the drunkies from continuing their family lovefest. They decide to move things to the hotel parlor, where they do trust fall exercises. Melissa manages to catch Joe Giudice, even in her stilettos. And then when Teresa tries to have fun and catch Caroline, killjoy ruins it again. She only agrees to do a trust fall if Teresa agrees to make up with Jacqueline. What’s Teresa supposed to do? She says yes.

And in another shocking moment, Joe Giudice sits Teresa down and tells her that he agrees. He misses hanging out with Chris, and he thinks they should all forgive and forget. A moment of lucidity from Juicy Joe?

Next week: Teresa and Jacqueline meet up.

Grade: A

Stray Observations:

-Seriously, have I missed where Caroline got her authority to butt into people’s business? Why does she give advice, and why do people seek it? She has become such a wet blanket this season. Not to mention, she has no place getting into this situation with Teresa/Melissa/Jacqueline when she’s not speaking to her own sister.

- Best Quote: Teresa - “Kathy didn’t want to break her nose again because she just got it done.”