And then there were five. Oscar morning has come and gone, featuring the usual mix of surprises, sure things and people getting up way too early. Here's a rundown of who's in, who's out, and what to expect come Oscar night.

Best Picture
"No Country for Old Men"
"There Will Be Blood"
"Michael Clayton"

Front-Runner: "No Country for Old Men"

Surprise: "Into The Wild" out, "Atonement" in.

Snub: "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

This category came up pretty much according to plan. Every movie nominated had a very good shot at it with about seven movies having an equal chance to grab the two slots below "Juno." The "Into the Wild" surprise is more that it got shut out at every single major category except Best Supporting Actor. This is a major turnaround for a film that got support from every guild, especially when "Atonement" racked up zero nominations.

"Diving Bell" had nothing but positive buzz in its corner for the last month of the Oscar race and was absolutely adored by critics. This is a pretty major snub for a movie with its Director and Screenplay nominated. "No Country" looks just about invincible at this point, but be on the look out for a "Juno" upset.

Best Director
Joel & Ethan Coen - "No Country For Old Men"
Paul Thomas Anderson - "There Will Be Blood"
Julian Schnabel - "The Diving Bell & The Butterfly"
Tony Gilroy - "Michael Clayton"
Jason Reitman - "Juno"

Front-Runner: The Coen Brothers

Surprise: Reitman

Snub: David Fincher - "Zodiac"

The most pleasant surprise of the morning was Reitman's inclusion for "Juno." Directors of comedies are so rarely nominated and Reitman is as deserving as any comedy director in recent memory. This should be the first of many nominations for this talented 30-year-old, but it won't be his first win as the Coens look like a cinch to take home their first directing prize.

David Fincher certainly deserved to be included on the shortlist of nominees. He painstakingly created the mood and feel of a 1970's San Francisco gripped by the Zodiac Killer. This was one of the more masterful directorial efforts of the year and one that will be admired long after 2007.

Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis - "There Will Be Blood"
George Clooney - "Michael Clayton"
Viggo Mortensen - "Eastern Promises"
Johnny Depp - "Sweeney Todd"
Tommy Lee Jones - "In the Valley of Elah"

Front-Runner: Day-Lewis

Surprise: Jones

Snub: Emile Hirsch - "Into the Wild"

This was definitely the biggest surprise of the morning. I'm sure most of Hollywood is still attempting to recollect their jaws from the floor as you read this. Jones received almost zero attention from the precursors and starred in a film that got mixed reviews at best, made no money, and suffers from the newly born bias against Paul Haggis. Truly shocking.

I wanted to say Chris Cooper was the snub here, but you can't really call somebody with zero chance of getting nominated snubbed. Hirsch certainly deserved to get nominated - there wasn't a film this year (other than "There Will Be Blood") that depended more on its star. Speaking of "Blood," place your bets while the odds are still good: Day-Lewis is a lock.