Pint–sized, soul stirring songstress Teena Marie has undeniably been a force to be reckoned with in the nearly thirty years of her professional performing career. The accomplished singer, songwriter, producer and arranger has managed to consistently capture the hearts and spirits of millions fans with her music. As we’ve listened to the passionate R&B grooves on her twelve studio albums and equal number of compilations, the love and emotion Teena Marie has expressed flows like the purest waterfall. On Sapphire, Ms. Marie’s second release on Cash Money Classics/Universal Motown, the vocalist shines brighter then ever.

Being the first R&B artist to rap and sing on her own records, Ms. Marie has contributed much to the world of hip-hop and in turn positive hip-hop in it’s purest form influenced her. Kurupt, his wife Gail Gotti and her sister Queen all lend their talents to Sapphire. As she describes it: “They’re like my grown kids.” Intrigued by the rap, sung, spoken word combination, Teena Marie wrote the rhyme Kurupt performs on “Baby Who’s Is It,” while Gail Gotti and Queen do their own thing on “Ladies Choice.”

Forever young, Teena Marie is as focused and passionate as ever: “What I think they [the listener] will feel is the sincerity of the lyrics. The younger people, I think they’ll get to hear what we [Marie and long time mentor/producer/writer Rick James] were and more of who I am. I’m most proud professionally, of the legacy I've been able to create through my music. I also still get a charge when I see all those faces out there during a live performance. Faces that have looked back at me and touched me the way I hope I've touched them. Believe me that feeling shines as bright as any gem."

Track Listing:

1. God Has Created (feat. Smokey Robinson)
2. Cruise Control (feat. Smokey Robinson)
3. Baby Who`s Is It (feat. Kurupt)
4. Make It Hot
5. Ooo Wee (feat. Kurupt)
6. Sleeping With The Enemy
7. A.P.B.
8. Love Is A Gangsta
9. Ladies Choice feat. (Queen & Gail Gotti)
10. Somebody Just Like You )feat. Gerald Albright)
11. You Blow Me Away
12. Simmer Down (feat. Lady Levi)
13. Romantica
14. The Way You Love Me
15. Ecstacy
16. Resilient (Sapphire) (feat. Alia Rose)

Listen to the single "Ooo Wee," featuring Kurupt, right here:

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