Ice Age has been a lucrative franchise for Ray Romano. As if TV syndication residuals weren't enough, he gets animation money for providing the voice of Manny the mammoth. Still, the release of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs just opens up old wounds.

"People think I'm just talking when I'm doing Manny but there's actually a voice that I'm doing," Romano said. "It's funny because everybody thinks the couple movies I've done, people just think you're you but in your head, you hear your voice, you're doing a character. You're hearing your voice different. It's maybe only to your ear but you are doing it. I mean, does this sound like Manny right now?"

Actually, Ray, it does. But we still love you as Manny's voice. "I have a couple lines from Ice Age 1 that kind of ramps me into Manny. [Manny] is a little more nasaly."

If his own typecast weren't enough, the cartoon series keeps bringing in other comedians to steal Romano's thunder. "It's tough for me when you bring the new guys in because I know they're going to get all the laughs. It's always the little guys. I'm like okay, Sid gets all the laughs. In the second one, I go there's Crash and Eddie. In the third one, there's another new little guy."

So lend your support to Manny and Ray when Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs opens July 1.

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Story/Interview by Fred Topel

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