Hey, did you know you can show gratuitous sex and naked people on Showtime? Showtime does. And that's why last night's season premiere of "Ray Donovan," entitled "Yo Soy Capitan," opened with the series' two leads (that would be Ray Donovan and his dad, Mickey), in various stages of doin' it.

Also, both Ray, played by Liev Schrieber, and Mickey, played by Jon Voight, start off the premiere with their own individual dream sequences. And as is completely typical of "Ray Donovan," Ray gets the less interesting, slightly generic one, while Mickey gets the one that is completely nutso and thus far more interesting. Ray dreams of being on a beach, soaked in blood, a la last season's finale. Then, he's in a grave, being buried. Then, he wakes up in a huff, the definitive filmic method for moaning "it was all a dream!" 

Mickey dreams that a dolphin with the voice of Rosanna Arquette is beckoning him into the deep waters of Mexico. He follows, of course, because why wouldn't you follow the sultry ghost dolphin luring you into open water? There is absolutely no reason to be alarmed by this. Then the scene just ends, providing no answers on if the dolphin was real, a hallucination, or if this whole segment was as imaginary as Ray's bad burial dream.

Which of those would you rather see more of?

But given that it's been a little while since anyone's seen any new "Ray Donovan," let's play a little game of catch-up, shall we?

Ray, having finally admitted that he, too, was molested as a young boy (thus explaining his unconditional hatred of his father, who didn't believe him), tried to have his dad killed, only for that to backfire and leave several people dead- except, of course, for Ray and Mickey, who have since gone their separate ways.

Also, Terry's girlfriend was really married the whole time, Bunchy shot a priest, and Ray's family life has marginally improved (maybe).

That's the gist of last season. And, conveniently, it's also the gist of "Yo Soy Capitan," because the second season premiere doesn't so much add any new elements or plot threads (as new seasons of television so often do), but just try and rekindle all the storylines that were snuffed out last year. 

Almost everything that "Yo Soy Capitan" does, we've seen many times before. Ray solving a small personal/professional crisis for Deonte Frasier? Seen it. Connor emulating his father in the worst possible way and violently injuring a classmate? Seen it. Terry suffering relationship woes? Bunchy going to a support group? Ezra saying "Ray, I need you!" in a tone not unlike an all-male reenactment of "The Notebook?" Seen it.

Even this season's big new addition- Hank Azaria as FBI bigwig James Cochran- is just a fresh coat of paint on Van Miller, last season's FBi agent with a particular interest in the Donovan clan. But Miller made it personal, and ended up taking one to the cranium. It's not unlike what Cochran does, threatening oh-so-subtly that if Ray doesn't follow his orders, he'll have Bridget arrested on trumped-up drug charges. Anyone placing bets on how long before Cochran, too, falls face down with a head full of bullet?