Before we get to anything else about the charmingly named "S U C K," let's take a moment to celebrate. Grab a drink, grab a loved one, and let's toast to the mystical talking dolphin that continues to be a bigger influence on Mickey Donovan than any of his friends or family.

However, just because "Ray Donovan" made our lives worth living by re-introducing Ghost Dolphin doesn't mean it gets to slack off on crafting a tense and uniquely exciting hour of TV. Because for the most part, "S U C K" was not tense or uniquely exciting.

Just the stuff with Tiny, really (and the dolphin- duh).

Seriously, how great a character is (was) Tiny? An Incredible Hulk of a guy who could, if he really put his mind to it, beat the snot from any of "Ray Donovan's" heavy hitters. But he doesn't, because he's a massive wuss whose idea of a big score is a pack of cheap bologna and a rotisserie chicken.

Come on, Tiny. You know grocery stores sell fancy cheeses, right? If you're already shoplifting, go ahead and grab some aged Gruyere.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Because Tiny gets arrested for his bologna spree and fesses up to being a witness to Sully's murder almost immediately. And that puts him on the FBI's official "To Kill" list.

So after being pushed around for most of "S U C K," Tiny finally stands up for himself and refuses a fake passport and a new life overseas. It's a bold stance. And also a stance that will get him promptly murdered, because Ray is falling on hard times and can only do so much to keep Tiny from getting whacked.

At least Tiny got a last meal out of it: the rotisserie chicken he'd always dreamed of. Also, he went down fighting (well, fleeing really). Frank shoots Tiny, but Tiny, being a man of considerable size, doesn't immediately drop dead, and instead vacates the premises at top speed. So Frank shoots him for real this time, but accidentally adds a second body to the (literal) pile.

Rest in peace, you random motel denizen who was bowled over when Tiny fell down the stairs and briefly became the boulder from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Take solace in that your broken leg looked very gnarly, and it will no longer bother you in death.

As a parting gift, we'll make sure to include "died tragically when a fat guy fell down the stairs" on your tombstone.

Overall, it was a bad week for Ray. Tiny was an all-around disaster, but Ray's also buying a massively expensive new house (does anyone know why he's buying this house? His current one isn't exactly a hovel).

Because of this, Ray's forced to extort June Wilson for a few million, and then extort Ezra for a cut of those millions, just to make his obscenely distant ends meet. Not winning any friends there.

Also, he's begun sleeping with Kate McPherson, who tells him their affair won't keep her from being an Intrepid Female Journalist on the hunt for the truth about Sully Sullivan. But neither will it keep Ray from being Manipulative Male Fixer, so it seems they're even.

Also, Ray makes zero effort to cover up his affair and Abby finds out in about five minutes, because Ray is way past the point of caring about his marriage. At all. He went to, what, half a marriage counseling session?