Last week on "Ray Donovan," we learned everything there is to know about what already happened on last season of "Ray Donovan." This week, we're in for a treat- a fairly substantial nudge into this brave new world called Season Two.

And like last week foretold, Season Two is heading in more or less the same direction as Season One. But at least now we know what the differentiating factors are going to be.

There's still going to be a family-sized portion of Ray/Mickey daddy drama, but now the drama has a new twist! Parole! Which has already given us a new location in Mickey's brand new third world hovel of an apartment. And a new character, in Mickey's (second in the span of one day) parole officer, played by Wendell Pierce.

Pierce, as evident to anyone who has seen "The Wire" (and anyone who has seen "The Wire" will be evident in their immediate hooting and hollering at the appearance of Wendell Pierce) is a man of significant talents. We get talent aplenty in "Uber Ray," but almost entirely from Pierce's interaction with Ray at the casino bar- especially their little nonverbal dance when Ray first sits down. Pierce's later efforts, which range from "scowl," to "yell," to "scowl," don't flex his abilities to the same degree. Hopefully, future episodes will fix that.

Also, Mickey got to spend a little quality time with his grandson this week- by far the show's most rewarding pairing. Lessons learned this week: pushing someone down the stairs from behind is a "bitch move," and completely reprehensible. Pushing someone down the same stairs while making eye contact is a proud Donovan tradition. Also, this lesson is taught via a shove down some stairs. Other life lessons learned: which parts of a woman are the parts a man stares at.

That's the great part of "Uber Ray:" anything with Mickey in it. So long as Jon Voight is here to wave goodbye to his magic dolphin friend while taking a whizz, "Ray Donovan" will be just fine.