Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones steams up the June issue of GQ magazine and discusses her hit NBC show and her latest film.

The 35-year-old actress - and daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones - speaks highly of her Parks and Recreation castmates, but given the context of a sexy GQ photo shoot, her words don't exactly come out right.

"Every week, someone on that show will tickle me in a new and fun way. Wow, that sounds really bad. Please put that next to a topless picture of me in GQ," she says.

Rashida plays Zooey Deschanel's lesbian girlfriend in the upcoming comedy Our Idiot Brother, which also stars Paul Rudd in the title role. While she's a seasoned pro at comedic roles, don't expect her to play any ditzy bimbo types.

"I'll never be the person doing a cartwheel and landing with my skirt over my head.' 'That's just not who I am," she tells GQ.

She does, however, lament on her first on screen kiss - and in comparison to one she shares with Deschanel on Brother - it wasn't so great.

"I feel like I've come a long way from my first job, when I had to get mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Rip Torn."

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