Starpulse recently had the chance to join a conference call with actors Rashida Jones and Chris Pratt of NBC's Parks and Recreation where they discussed their characters' relationship, their personal park experiences and more.

Chris discussed the raggedy romance of Ann and Andy.

Chris Pratt: I thought that there was a chance I wouldn't be coming back and I was a little worried. I always knew that that could possibly the case, they don't have to bring me back...(it was) originally I think intended as a six episode arc. And then I was delighted to find out that they found room for me on the cast for the second season. So I was a little worried, but I came into it knowing that there was a potential for me not coming back in the second season.

Will Andy have a love past Ann?

Pratt: I think that Andy's undying devotion towards Ann is one of the only things that sort of redeems him, so I hope not. I hope that he just keeps pining after Ann for ten seasons to come. That would be the best for me.

How does Rashida feel about their split? Did she want them to break up?

Rashida Jones: I don't and did not want Andy to go anywhere because Chris Pratt is the loveliest person in the world, but also he's so great and hilarious on the show that we would just not be the same without him. I think that her need to coddle a grown man is not a healthy situation for her. And it was probably good for her to get out of that but I do think that there's still, you know, I think that's part of her nature and I think that there's still love there even though he's crazy and he's stalking her.

Does she like the characters better together or apart?

Jones: I think there's a lot of comedy both ways. I like this particular paradigm; I think it's really funny because I just think Chris gets to shine a lot here and do something that could potentially seem really kind of cartoony and big which is like him, you know, showing up places and pretending to be casual about seeing me and all that. But he manages to make it kind of realistic and really sweet. So I like this dynamic for now.

The co-stars talked about their personal parks experiences.

Jones: My best friend when I was seven years old we were going down this really rickety slide, this is also a good reason to have a Parks and Recreation Department because that slide desperately needed to be changed out for new ones. She was like just go you're being a wimp. But it was like, you know, it was like kind of - not rotting - rusting over and it was just like wooden, there was like splinters everywhere. She pushed me down the slide; my foot got caught on the bottom of it and the bottom of my foot like ripped open.

Pratt: Gosh nothing that good...I grew up in a town with a lake in it and there were a couple of, you know, community beach style I guess park style beaches. And I would spend time there in the summer. And parks are good for families that don't have a lot of money growing up because it's like free, you know. So I would go to that beach a lot and, you know, I think I caught a - oh I caught a duck once that was pretty cool.

Is the show based in reality? And are any of the show subplots or main plots based on events that have happened in different cities and towns in real life?

Jones: Well the initial - like the macro plot of the pit - when the producers went to do research in this little city in California there was a park there and from the time they thought about building the park to the time that they opened the park and cut the ribbon it was 17 years.

Rashida and Chris also talked about their favorite episodes.

Jones: I think selfishly I really enjoyed Practice Date. It was fun to be able to do something, you know, I generally tend to be the voice of reason; it was nice to be able to be like the shit starter a little bit. Sorry to use that language but it was nice to like be the - create the action a little bit. And I just also thought that was such a well constructed episode on - I love the game that they were playing with each other about finding the deep dark secrets in their past. And Amy was just absolutely adorable, that scene where she shows up drunk at (Dave)'s house is incredible. I would say that one so far but I have to say every episode I like better and better and better. I just saw Ron and Tammy it's like the best thing I've ever seen in my life; it's so good. So I don't know.

Pratt: Yeah, yeah, I like that episode a lot...I like them all, I mean and also it was pretty cool to - again it's like Rashida said from the selfish angle the finale of last year when I got to be like - in rock star fantasy camp for a week and like be on stage singing into a mic with a guitar and having 150 extras paid to cheer for me; that was pretty rad both shooting and watching it. I'm starting to like them more and more. I think we're finding our timing and like Rashida said it takes about maybe ten episodes to figure out where you're at. And we did six episodes in the first season and then I think by Episode 5 this season I feel like we've been just kind of like connecting, you know, on - it's like we're just - we're just connecting.

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursday nights at 8:30 central on NBC.

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Story by Sarah Lafferty
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