Last week on Survivor: Gabon when Sugar decided to vote with the old Fang alliance and vote out Charlie, a clear power shift was made. The old Kota members of Bob, Randy, and Corrine, who were in control of the game now found themselves on the outside looking in.

Instead of a reward challenge, the castaways were treated to the Survivor auction. The auction has been a tradition since the first season of Survivor. Each of the players was given $500 to bid how they saw fit. The biggest move of the night may have been made by Corrine, when she bid all of her money for an advantage in the next immunity challenge. The simple things really rise in value after living in the wild for thirty days. Susie paid $340 for a hot bath, and Randy put up $180 for three beers and a can of nuts.

At the immunity challenge, the remaining castaways' agility and brains would be put to the test. Corrine was sent straight to the final round because of her bid at the auction. Matty and Kenny would eventually join her after besting the rest. In the end, it would be Kenny that was able to navigate the trip wires and set up his puzzle pieces correctly to win himself individual immunity.

When it came time for tribal council, the old Kota members were scrambling for a plan. Bob had been to Exile Island on a couple of occasions, but he was unable to find the hidden immunity idol. Because of this, he decided to fasten his own fake idol, in hopes that the Fang alliance would think he actually had it. Fake idols had been made in the past, but none were ever as convincing as Bob's beautifully crafted piece. Unfortunately, Sugar knew that it was fake because she had already found the real one. Randy had been a real jerk around camp, and many of the players wanted him gone. Sugar crafted a plan where Bob would give his fake idol to Randy so that he could play it later that night. Bob figured any plan that didn't involve him going home was a good one, and decided to go in on the trickery. At tribal council, Randy presented the idol that he thought would save his life in the game, only to find out that the joke was on him. Five votes for Randy were enough, and he became the eleventh player voted out of Survivor: Gabon.

Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer