Rachel Bilson wore a stunning backless Burberry dress to the premiere of her latest movie "Waiting for Forever." What do you think of the backless dress and leather jacket combination?

In the film, a lonely man devotes his life to being near his childhood friend, a failed Hollywood actress looking to start a new life while caring for her ailing father.

Growing up, Emma (Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge) were inseparable. When Emma moved out to Hollywood she forgot about Will. But Will never forgot Emma; as far as he's concerned, they're just two soul mates separated by distance. These days, Will just drifts though life while trying to be as close to Emma as possible, earning enough money to stay well fed by performing on the streets.

When Emma's father falls ill, she turns her back on Hollywood and returns home to take care of him while reevaluating her hectic love life, rediscovering a kindred spirit in the process.

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