"Lost" has baffled, bewildered, and enthralled viewers for five action-packed seasons. When it began years ago, people were shocked by this sci-fi drama that seemed to come out of nowhere. It had a huge cast with mostly unknowns, and it was filmed almost entirely on a beautiful island in Hawaii. Almost immediately the audience was hooked on this bizarre place where the characters were all stranded on an island that had polar bears and smoke monsters and natives that stole children.

Now that "Lost" is gearing up for its final season, however, our patience is wearing thing. We have loved this show, but it's almost over and a lot of fans are concerned that the biggest questions - the ones that drive the story - will be left unanswered. While no one expects every single question to be answered, because that would take another three years, there are some big ones that absolutely must get some resolution. Here's our look at the biggest questions on "Lost" that should be answered by the end of the series!

Did they change the past?

This is the first question because it is the most prevalent after the finale of season five. Daniel Faraday tells the survivors that they can change everything that happened on the Island. They are the variables and if they destroy the bomb on the Island, it will alter the course of time for the entire show. At the end of last season Jack persuaded the others to make this happen, and Juliet ended up at the bottom of a well smashing the bomb open with a rock. We saw a white screen and then... nothing. There is a great deal of speculation how this season will start, because if everything did change that means the survivors never crashed on the Island. And they would not know one another at all...or would they? With all the dead characters from other seasons coming back as well, this might mean things change for the better on their behalf and they live again. This is the first answer that must be found on the show, and it seems likely it will come in the premiere. If they do change the past, what will that mean for the show? Will they remember what really happened? We'll just have to wait and see.

What is the purpose of the Island?

There are so many mysteries tied to this very question, and therefore just giving a big answer to this might answer others in a giant trickle effect. The Island is a character of its own on the show. It has the ability to heal people, like Locke's legs or Jin's infertility, and there's huge pockets of energy that can cause time travel and electromagnetic waves. What is this place and how did someone find it in the first place? Why is it the place that Jacob occupies and what is he doing on it? Seeing the Losties off the Island has been nice, but really it always goes back to the Island and what it means. That place is as beautiful as it is lethal, and they really better have a good explanation for why.

Who/What is the Smoke Monster?

This is another broad question because it looks like the Smoke Monster may indeed be the Man In Black that was talking with Jacob at the beginning of the season five finale. Finding out who he is might also explain who Jacob is. He was able to possess the body of John Locke after his death, something the Smoke Monster does often on the show, and we have been curious about this creature since the first episode of "Lost." It is made of smoke and sounds like a giant metal beast. It kills some people and spares other, and flashes of your life appear in the smoke when you get close. Does it judge you and kill/spare depending on your penance? If it is the Man In Black, why does he hate Jacob so much? How much of the show was about him manipulating the survivors so he could find a loop hole to kill Jacob? What is their game about? The Smoke Monster is one of the fundamental mysteries of the Island for all seasons, so it will be important to at least give us a picture of his purpose and intentions. Is the villain or a victim like everyone else?

Who is Richard Alpert?

It's rare that just one character can cause so much controversy on the show, but Richard Alpert exists as a moving, talking mystery on the show. This handsome man first seemed to be an Other working for Ben, but we quickly learned he is not at all what he seems. Richard does not age. He has been on the Island for an unknown amount of time, but at least far before the 50s since he was already established as an Other when Charles Widmore became a Leader. He gave tests to John Locke as a child, he manipulated a young and lonely Ben Linus, and he recruited Juliet Burke to the Island. Richard is calm, intelligent, and knows a great deal more than he'll ever let on. He knew where Jacob was on the Island and led John Locke/Man in Black right to him. So who exactly is Richard Alpert? How long has he been alive and on the Island? Why is he always the right hand man of the Others leaders, but never the leader himself? The only answer we have ever gotten about Richard Alpert is that no, he is not wearing eyeliner. The actor Nestor Carbonell just has beautiful eyelashes. Stop asking.

How did the Others/Hostiles get on the Island and what is their purpose?

Like Richard, the Others have seemed to be on the Island for a very long time with no discernible purpose. They were definitely there before the Dharma Initiative since the Dharma called them the Hostiles, indicating they were not happy about other people infiltrating their home. In last year's finale, Jacob and the Man in Black indicated that people are 'brought' to the Island by Jacob, so that could be what happened to the people now known as the Others. Or perhaps they are followers of Jacob. All we know is that they have been on the Island longer than many others, and they seem to have their own "rules" (as said by Ben against Charles Widmore). It's not certain what they are there for or if they are the bad guys or the good guys. They also kidnap children and brainwash people.

Why did Jacob choose the survivors?

In the finale of season five, it was shown that Jacob met each of the major characters at different points in their lives. He met Locke after he was crippled by his father, he met Sayid just a few minutes before Sayid's wife was killed, he met Sawyer at the funeral of his parents, and so on and so forth. It's uncertain why these particular Losties gained his notice, and why he picked those particular times to appear to them. In his conversation with the Man In Black it is indicated they are in a pattern, that this has happened before, so he might regularly pick 'special' people for some reason. So why these characters? Why not the ones who are dead? Or did he pick them too? Does this give them protection? Who is Jacob anyway and is he evil or good or are those terms that don't apply to this show really? JUST TELL US THE ANSWERS!

Who will Kate end up with?

Ha ha, I'm kidding, only the shippers care about this now, and even they are sick of it.

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Lost Cast: Matthew Fox - (Jack), Evangeline Lilly - (Kate), Michael Emerson - (Ben Linus), Kim Yun-jin - (Sun), Daniel Dae Kim - (Jin), Terry O'Quinn - (Locke), Josh Holloway - (Sawyer), more

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