"The Walking Dead" returned on Sunday night for its season finale, titled "A".  The episode didn't provide as much of a shock and awe factor as the episode that showed Carol taking out Lizzie, but it still left fans of the zombie apocalypse show with several questions.

Firstly, Terminus wasn't exactly what everyone thought it would be.  As fans, we knew that "all who arrive survive" was kind of a hoax in order to herd people into the clutches of the cannibals.  Last week, when we met Denise Crosby's character Mary, we knew something just wasn't right with her or her tribe of weirdos. 

One thing we've kept asking ourselves was will Tyrese and Carol come to Terminus?  They are trying to get through Carol's murder admission and her killing of Lizzie, but they won't even know that the rest of the prison gang went to Terminus.  If they do arrive, will they survive or will either of their gut instincts tell them that something isn't right?  Wouldn't it be crazy if Carol swooped in and saved the day for Rick and the prison group?