Radio personality and actor, QDeezy Harris has a lot on his plate lately, juggling his Philadelphia radio show and promoting his new film, Exit Strategy. He took the time to answer a few questions we had for him about his upcoming projects and his rap battle with Trey Songz.

Starpulse: Tell me about this film Exit Strategy.

QDeezy:  It's an un- romantic comedy about a guy who is trying to escape a relationship from hell.

Starpulse: What attracted you to play this role?

QDeezy:  The writer and star of the film, Jameel Saleem, asked me to play the role. Reading the character of Carville seemed like fun so I gave it the ole college try.

Starpulse: Do you have a personal exit strategy story?

QDeezy:  Yes, in all of my breakups I've been the one who has been the one to end it. So my advice is break up with someone before they break up with you, LOL . It's all about beating the other person to the punch. Always works for me.

Starpulse: You’re pretty hilarious, do you do stand up at all?

QDeezy:  Thank you for the compliments. I've never done stand -up. I'm a radio personality; I think doing radio helped me get comfortable to play the role.

Starpulse: Who are your inspirations?

QDeezy:  Chris Rock, Will Smith, Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Daniel Tosh, Jon Stewart and Ed Burns

Starpulse: If you weren't in the industry, what would you be doing?

QDeezy:  I would probably be a lawyer because I love to argue and proving people wrong.

Starpulse: Where did you grow up?

QDeezy:  I'm from Philadelphia, the Germantown section (Walnut lane and Magnolia)... T.M.I.

Starpulse: Tell me about the rap battle with Trey Songz. Did you battle any other talent?

QDeezy:  Trey is a good guy, I've known him since the beginning of his career and we always joke around when we see each other. I had to show off my vocal talent... I lost but I'm looking for a rematch

Starpulse: From the few pictures I have seen, you have a cool style - do you have any fashion tips?

QDeezy:  Thank you again, I try to be as simple as possible, not too many logos.

Starpulse: You connect with your fans through Twitter and Facebook, right? How has social media helped your career?

QDeezy:  I stay connected with social media because it gives you EXACTLY what is on the minds and trends of your audience. It has helped me tremendously because I'm in direct contact; it allows me to form a bond.

Starpulse: What do you do in your downtime?

QDeezy:  I hang out with my family and try to sleep which doesn't happen often.

Starpulse: What was the last thing you Googled?

QDeezy:  1979 by “Smashing Pumpkins” video...RANDOM I know

Starpulse: What was the last thing you downloaded on iTunes?

QDeezy:  Rick Ross – “Rich Forever “

Starpulse: I’m going to ask for our lady fans - do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?

QDeezy:  Yes, if not my wife will kill me.

Starpulse: What’s up next for you?

QDeezy:  The Next film is in development, my radio show on Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia, and creating online content. Bottom line is, if  I can't create I'll explode.

Starpulse: Where can people find you?

QDeezy:  My website-, Twitter @Qdeezydotcom and Facebook Qdeezy Qdeezy.

Look for 'Exit Strategy' in limited theaters Feb 10.