The second season of HBO's True Blood promises to be sexier, gorier, funnier and deeper than the first season, according to creator Alan Ball. He's absolutely right.

Starpulse had a chance to review the upcoming season's first four episodes and participate in a conference call with Ball. "The show is really finding its identity," he explained. And it's an identity we can really sink our teeth into.

Since season one finished last year, there have been some developments on the "True Blood" set. Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer, who play star-crossed lovers Sookie, a human, & Bill, a vampire, came public with their romance. Ball says that if anything, their real-life relationship enhances their on-screen love affair.

"They are such consummate professionals, both of them, that it doesn't affect filming whatsoever. It only affects filming in the sense that they're incredibly comfortable with each other and their chemistry translates to the screen," he said. "And I'm very happy for both of them. They are both terrific people and they really found somebody that they really want to be with. There's nothing negative about it."

We wonder how much acting is actually going on with the couple when they share love scenes. Ball said about their characters: "It's important to show that between Sookie and Bill there is this incredible erotic chemistry. These are two people who thought they had no chance to ever have a real love affair and they found each other. There's something fantastic and mind blowing about that."

So what's happening with some of the characters this season? Fans will get to see another side of the 1,000-year-old vampire Erik (Alexander Skarsgard). "I did feel like it was important to make Erik more frightening, to see his more monster side, because as the season progresses we also see his more human side," explained Ball.

Bill's newly minted vampire Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) also becomes more prominent this season. Since Bill was punished by being forced to turn her into a vampire, he struggles with his new role as father figure/mentor. Jessica is a girl who is plucked from a sheltered, home-school environment and thrust into a new place with entirely new powers. "That opened itself up into all kinds of interesting situations," Ball explained.

As for the sexually compulsive Jason (Ryan Kwanten), he becomes part of an organization that makes him feel special. But have no fear, "Jason can't keep his clothes on for too long," Ball promised. "Ultimately at his core he's a scared little boy who has been abandoned by everybody he's ever loved." In the second season he is aware of a "deep hole that he has in the center of his soul, and he's looking for something to fill that. As many people do, he latches on to religion."

Evan Rachel Wood will play the more than 400-year-old vampire queen of Louisiana. "Evan is really beautiful and she's very, very pale and she looks like a vampire," Ball stated.

Maryann's (Michelle Forbes) true intentions will also become apparent. Ball noted, "I would hesitate to say Maryann is the most evil although she revels in chaos and destruction. She doesn't look at it from the polarities of good and evil. She's got a different, more ancient perspective."

But there is a darker character who shows up, Ball promises: "In terms of someone who really enjoys being cruel and sadistic and has a really dark vision - it's a character who has not shown up yet. It's another vampire from Dallas."

The new season of "True Blood" starts Sunday, June 14, on HBO.

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Story by Noelle Talmon contributing writer