You can't keep Nikita's Owen down - and the fans are certainly glad for that. Devon Sawa's ex-Guardian has been so popular that tonight marks his fifth appearance on The CW's hit spy series. Before "Falling Ash" airs tonight, Devon came by to chat with me about Owen's popularity and what's ahead for his character.

(You can also check out our previous interview from season one.)

This is your fifth appearance and your first of season two. Not bad for a character intended as a one-off! What do you think is the secret to Owen's popularity?

I must be doing something right. I don't know. People are liking Owen. The nice thing about Owen is he does come every once in awhile - he pops up, kicks some butt and then he kind of disappears. I'm so happy that people are liking Owen.

When did you know that you were coming back for season two? Was it sudden or has this been in the books for awhile now?

I think I knew the last episode ["Into The Dark"]. I think Maggie [Q] had told me that I'd be back if it was going to season two, and they all figured they were going to season two. He kind of said his goodbye but it wasn't complete, so I knew he might be back.

What do you think Owen's been doing between "Into The Dark" and "Falling Ash"?

He's been doing some stuff. He's trying to get off the Regimen. That's priority number one. Number two, he wants to get Percy. You'll find out.

You definitely need to do some work with Xander Berkeley (Percy).

I'm so into that. I think he's a phenomenal actor. One of the first things I ever shot was with Xander at Division  - I'd love to go back to that. I want to work with all the cast at different points. Lyndsy Fonseca's amazing, Melinda [Clarke] - they're all so talented.

Is there a scene in "Falling Ash" that you're particularly proud of?

I'm proud of the episode as a whole, but the last scene, I'm proud of a lot because it's kinda cool. The way it's shot - [director] Eagle Egilsson shot it beautifully.

Everyone on the show seems to be developing a love interest in season two. If Owen were to get another love interest (after the death of Emily in "The Guardian"), what kind of woman would you like to see him with?

I don't even think about that because Owen is so far from looking for love right now. But I think if he was to go after a girl he'd go after a normal girl. Someone outside of the spy business, like an Emily again.

If you had creative control, where would you like to see Owen go next?

I would keep everything the same. The way they're going is so cool. The writers are doing phenomenal and the way they have it going, I didn't predict. When I first got the script [for "Falling Ash"], I was like "What?"

Do you know if we'll see you in future episodes of season two?

Yes. I will be back. I've heard - and it's not confirmed - one of my episodes will play before Christmas.

Last time we talked, you mentioned being a fan of The Walking Dead. With that on hiatus, what are you watching now?

I love Curb Your Enthusiasm; that's one of my big shows. I'm not watching a lot; I've been so busy. I've been training really hard; I've heard the next couple episodes of Nikita are really action-heavy - this next episode is more Michael action-heavy - so I've been in the gym.

My thanks to Devon Sawa for another great interview! Catch him when Owen returns to Nikita tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW.

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