Would you be concerned if someone described your personal trainer as "clinically insane"?

That term has been applied to Osmin Hernandez, the star of NuvoTV's Operation Osmin.

Kicked out of the Cuban military after being declared insane, and having escaped to the United States, Osmin is now a sought-after fitness trainer who's worked with the likes of Matt Damon and Anna Kournikova.

Are Osmin's methods as extreme as his story?

My colleague Lisa Siegfried recently spoke with Osmin to find out. Here's one telling excerpt from her interview.

“Most of the time it’s not that people quit, I fire them. I fire my clients. If they’re wasting my time too much, they’re not paying attention to me, if they don’t listen to me, they’re not going to see the results. And I don’t want them paying me for nothing.”

To read the rest of Lisa's interview with Osmin, follow this link. Operation Osmin airs Fridays on NuvoTV. Check the show's website for specific channel and time in your area.