At the beginning of this season of Psych, I chatted with Maggie Lawson -- now, as the show returns, it's time for her partner Timothy Omundson (also known as the infamous Detective Carlton Lassiter) to have his say.

While I enjoy the talents of every member of Psych's fun and funny cast, I have a certain affection for Omundson, who's made Lassiter my favorite disgruntled detective on television. His deadpan delivery and expressions are always spot-on, and he's a great straight man for the oft-hyper antics required of star James Roday.

What you might not know is that in addition to six seasons of Lassiter, Omundson has a lengthy resume of solid work. I always smile when I think about the two-episode guest stint he had on Human Target as the nameless interrogator (with a mustache!) who took on Chance and company. His other credits include dramatic work in some really great shows, including Cold Case, Jericho, Deadwood and Judging Amy. And did you know he auditioned for the role that went to Jason Clarke on Showtime's Brotherhood?

He's capable of making us laugh on Psych, but make no mistake about it, he's a talented all-around actor. Oh, and he happens to be a vastly entertaining interview. That deadpan sense of humor isn't scripted.

Here's what he had to say about the new season of Psych and his career to date.

What can we expect from Lassiter in the remainder of this season of Psych?

 Too many things coming from Lassie. You got Lassiter going crazy, and you got Lassiter falling deep in love, which to some people is the exact same thing. The amazing thing about this guy is he's written so tight, and then the writers give me little gifts like, "How about we show him unraveling?"

Has playing him for six seasons made you think more like a cop? I've heard that can happen.

 Sort of. I'm certainly more aware of them around me. I can spot them a little quicker.

What's it been like for you to stay with this character and this cast and crew for that long?

 Luckily, no one's an asshole, so it's a great thing. We get along tremendously well. We're just really sort of dialed in to each other. And the crew's the actors, right, and then three feet away from us is our camera department and our sound department, who are just as big a part of our life as our fellow actors. It's such a good group of people.

James Roday writes for the show, and this season we saw White Collar star Tim DeKay make his acting debut on that series. Have you considered directing or writing for Psych?

I have considered the directing, actually. Not so much the writing. That is not really interesting, but the directing is really interesting to me. I've shadowed a bit on our set. I'm also just trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing as an actor, and I get a tremendous amount of joy out of what I do, [so] I'm not in a massive rush to do it.

Before you came to the show, you'd done a lot of impressive work. I wanted to ask you about some of these other projects. We've talked about Human Target before, but I didn't know you were on Cold Case [in the episode "Sabotage"].

It was great. I liked working with the guy who played my brother [Kim Coates], and the regulars were wonderful.