My dear sweet Pushing Daisies, you left us far to soon. One might say the strike has caused you to be...pushing daisies! Oh that was clever. Bad puns aside, we're left without new episodes of one of this season's best new offerings. Even though it barely had time to hop off its training wheels, let's take a look at this modern-day fairy tale.

Wait, so Ned can make zombies?

Not exactly. Ned (Lee Pace) has the ability to bring the dead back to life. The catch is that if they are alive for more than one minute someone else dies in their place. Oh and if he touches them again they die. Forever. That's all well and good for our hero, a pie maker who solves murders with his partner, Emerson Cod, who may be greedy but is also a fantastic knitter. Things get all topsy-turvy when Ned brings his childhood love Chuck (Anna Friel) back to life after her untimely murder. So now we have a love story where the main characters take celibacy to extremes and a procedural show where the murders are entertainingly overcomplicated.

So What Happened This Season?

-Chuck is resurrected, though her aunts think she is dead. She drugs them with pies to help them move past her death. See her aunts were synchronized swimming stars, and this show just seems wackier with each sentence I write about it.

-Ned is the object of affection for Ms. Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) who assumes that Chuck faked her death, doesn't understand why, or for that matter, why Ned sees anything in Chuck.

-When Ned was a child he resurrected his mom for longer than a minute, and as a result Chuck's dad died. Not knowing about his powers, a kiss from Ned's mom caused her to cross back to the dead side of life. Don't worry, Chuck finds all this out near the end of the season, and she eventually forgives Ned.

-A sewer dwelling master smeller begins to stalk Chuck after discovering she smells of death.

-During a hallucinogenic kick from tainted pies, Chuck's aunt Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) reveals to Olive that she is in fact Chuck's mother. Now if only they'd make new episodes.

Standout Moments:

-Ned's car gets outfitted with a plastic divider so Chuck can sit in the front with him.

-Anything out of Emerson Cod's mouth. This role was tailor made for Chi McBride.

-Olive breaks into song, then in a later episode Aunt Vivian (Ellen Greene) breaks into song.

-A cavalcade of Broadway actors are guest starring, notable among that is Raul Esparza and Christopher Sieber.

-Molly Shannon shows up as a scheming candy shop owner.

The Biggest Unanswered Questions:

Is Chuck immortal? As long as Ned doesn't touch her, will she live forever? Can she possibly fight crime?

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer