Pure Reason Revolution are british psychedelic rockers that take everything they love about Pink Floyd and wrap it up with layered vocals reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, with male and female counter playing and call and response in lush beautiful melodies.

Here's what critics are saying about Pure Reason Revolution:

"If the mood of the last two years has been all short spiky and 1980s then Pure Reason Revolution are here to present the idea that the future could be long hairy and 1970s & alongside of Mew and Mystery Jets they are in good company. Our own mini-Floyd" - The Guardian.

"Pure Reason Revolution are hypnotic, even on this small stage. Their music may be rooted in Pink Floyd but it knows corners far darker and heights more dizzying" - Kerrang

"Like the Mars Volta and Super Furry Animals, they have absorbed the frowning studiousness of Pink Floyd and play like caped space-freaks on prog summer camp." - NME

"The missing link between Pink Floyd and the 21st century & should be as anachronistic as loon pants and On The Buses but oddly it works" - Q

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