In Punta the drama continues as Teresa continues to lament over Kathy’s comments that were taken out of context. It looks like Teresa is looking for a fight and wants to continue to hold a grudge against her saintly cousin. Kathy tries to reiterate to the group that her comment was not even aimed at Teresa but just how she felt in general and the group tells her not to worry, they know what she meant.  Kathy still takes responsibility and Ritchie tries to smooth things over with Joe Guidice and it seems like Joe doesn’t want to deal with the problem or his wife anymore, as he is sick over her drama too.  Jacqueline tells Chris she feels bad Caroline isn’t feeling well and has to deal with Teresa’s drama and antics. Chris tells Jacqueline families going to fight it’s the nature of the beast but tells her to stay out of it.

Meanwhile the Manzo boys throw manners out the window as they peek at Teresa changing and share their true feelings about how they really feel about the Guidices and spout out verbal insults behind their back of course. Back on the Beach, Jacqueline talks to Kathy and Melissa and tells Kathy she acted like a lady and did nothing wrong. Finally, after a wardrobe change and some venting, Teresa is feeling Fabulicious and her and Joe return to the beach to enjoy dinner with the group.

At dinner enjoying the atmosphere and a traditional Dominican dinner the tension is high as Kathy is aghast that Teresa is acting like nothing happened and doesn’t know when the next shoe will drop.  Rather then surround herself with drama; Kathy and Rich decide to call it a night before Teresa gets started again.

After Kathy and Rich leave, Teresa seems to be a changed person and turns on the charm and starts sugarcoating everything that comes out of her mouth.  She gives her brother hugs and kisses and tells him that he and her husband can be brothers. Brothers they are not even friends, they don’t even want to be brothers in law but the two both drunk smile and nod.  In order to prove that they can’t be brothers Joe Gorga whips out what he calls “ Tarzan” to prove his point. I wonder has there ever been a point in any of the episodes where he hasn’t exposed himself, I think not.  The Guidices think the trip is going phenomenal, are they on the same trip as everyone else?

After a very late night, Albert gets back to the room and informs Caroline of all the drama Teresa caused and Caroline says its no wonder she has a headache and says all this drama and holding grudges has to stop.

The next morning the group decides to split and pursue activities they both enjoy with the women going shopping and the men playing a round of golf.  But before they can leave Joe tries to paw at Melissa in the shower and get in a quickie before leaving. However, he is cut short when Albie and Chris surprise the couple. While Melissa is embarrassed Joe actually seems proud of himself and is naked yet again.

Once everyone is ready the girls head out to go shopping while to boys go to the Golf course. Caroline says the girls dressed to go to the market, while Teresa dressed herself like she was going to the academy awards. When the ladies get to the market they are all surprised at what they find except Teresa who choose the place. It’s a unique and grotesque food market complete with live and dead chickens hanging from rope, whole cow heads and road kill.  All the ladies look ready to vomit but Teresa says she’s seen this stuff before and she wanted to come because she is looking for new influences and ingredients for her cookbook. She wants to write one that is infused with Latin and Italian flavor. Meanwhile, at the golf course things are no less grotesque when Joe Gorga shows off his butt while Joe Guidice showcases his lack of skill.  Joe Gorga tells the guys his game would have been better but he didn’t get any from his wife. Back at the market, Teresa picks up a cleaned dead raw chicken and starts chasing the women around with it. Melissa tells Teresa to stop or she’ll get “Semolina” a.k.a Salmonella.

After completing their respective activities the gang heads back to the hotel to enjoy their last night in Punta Cana.  In their car, Caroline, Lauren and Jacqueline try to get Teresa to put the past behind her once and for all.  While in the other van, Melissa, Greg and Kathy don’t think Teresa will ever get over her grudge, she will always find a problem with something.

Once the gang heads back to the hotel, everyone is enjoying the rest of the day but Albie and Chris are concerned with the launch of the new product their promoting BLK water.  Chris tells Albie to relax; everything will be fine and tells him they should enjoy their last night in Punta Cana while they can.  Later while having dinner the gag factor comes out once again when Caroline tells the group her and the boys decided to have a beauty contest called the Punta Princess beauty contest. Upon hearing this Joe Guidice kicks off the gag factor by talking to his wife’s boobs and telling her she’s a “sexy little b*tch”.  Caroline and the boys go on to tell the ladies there will be three categories: style, intellect, and creativity.  The panel quickly agrees that Teresa wins the style points especially after losing her luggage with all her jewelry. The group then decides to test Melissa’s intellect and quickly realize she has none. When she can’t even name the vice president of the United States until someone tells her and only refers to him as the “old guy with gray hair”. Yeah that narrows it down.   So she wins by default and the gang gives Kathy creativity. So the night ends on a reasonable happy note.

The next morning the gang is getting ready to leave when Teresa she has an extra luggage and realizes she got her “lost” luggage back. On the plane Kathy tells Rich not to say a word, she doesn’t want to hear anything.  The gang then leaves the drama of Punta Canta behind and books it back to Jersey. 

Once back in the Garden State, the Manzo boys geared up for Black Water’s launch party at Kiss and Fly, while Melissa tried to psyche herself up for her first “live” performance.  She arrived at the venue already acting like a diva ordering the staff around about lighting, her dressing room and so on. At sound check, Melissa was so off key Albie look scared like what have we gotten into.  Melissa went on to tell the guys she wanted to wear a snake around her neck like Britney and Joe was calling the zoo’s to try to rent tigers. Really!  After rehearsing and issuing her demands Melissa went to work on her choreography.  Later after a successful introduction and launch to their product, which garnered support from family and friends, it was time for the diva to take the stage.

If there was one thing “ On Display” it was that she was lip synching and dancing like she just watched a Britney video. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  After a “successful” debut and applause Melissa is greeted by her family and friends, Joe Guidice even tries to make amends with Melissa by telling her saying he couldn’t do what she did and she had the guts to do it, or something to that effect. 

Elsewhere, Chris and Albie see Ashley hanging with her friend and tell her under no circumstances should she attempt to drink because she won’t be served. Ashley and her friend are hanging out and her friend asks her what she’s doing with her life if she’s working or goes to school. Ashley says she’s not sure what she’s doing.

Meanwhile, Teresa tries to take the knife out of Kathy’s back by making amends with her and comes up to her with a hug and kiss. Teresa tells Kathy why she overreacted, and Kathy tells Teresa she wasn’t insulting her parenting skills and thinks she’s a good mother and thinks of Teresa like a little sister.  Teresa says she feels the same way and doesn’t like to hold grudges but not surprisingly that’s all she ever does.

Tune in next week for the season finale when Teresa makes friends into frenemies when she insults Caroline and Jacqueline to further her own career.