Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most stirring and humorous remarks were made on the latest stories on Paris Hilton’s unfilled Love life as well as her musical prowess, the hottest of Alyssa Milano and the Golden Globes’ Fashion.

Topic Highlights = There were some friendly and pleasant commentary made about Mary Louise Parker, John Lithgow and singer Sarah Brightman however, there was no love or affection for the movies “The Ninth Gate” or “Valkyrie.”

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to 2sugha, who is well known for her smart and entertaining observations on many News stories. (See Below for Focus on 2sugha)

News Comments

Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

By: lolav(215)
I am glad you singled out these comments. I think there are a lot of kids (age 13 or even younger) on this website. Where else would this kind of drivel come from? I wish the editors would delete the truly obscene comments as they arise.

By: smoochy(53)
I'm Speechless.

Rihanna Taking No Wardrobe Risks For Malaysia Show

By: Klua Kahlua(46)
she should whip out them tig 'ol bitties for them malaysians and show 'em what the free world is all about !
no wonder they all wanna blow sh*t up, their governments never let 'em see any boobies

By: YAHH(42)
y did i waste ma time reading that?
u suck at writing

Paris Hilton: 'I've Only Slept With A Couple Of People'

By: BikerChick ( 1093)

By: jchdz ( 313)
i don't even think our retarded president (bush) will believe that one

By: Hollywood911(3)
If she had one sticking out for every one stuck in her she would look like a sea Urchin.

Rumer Willis Is A Confident Miss Golden Globe

By: delinan(1594)
This poor girl needs to put a bra on, her 'boobies' are nearly down to her belly button!

By: Ripped and Torn ( 811)
"I'm NOT sure I'll be able to walk up and down without tripping ON MY CHIN."

Grateful Dead Alums Plan First Tour In 5 Years

By: Klua Kahlua(46)
who are the grateful dead and why are they following me?

Faizon Love Involved In Battery Probe?

By: Tom Sizemore(14105)
Rule #1: Don't stand between a hippo and water
Rule #2: Don't stand between Faizon Love and a hotel buffet.

By: * * Stargazer * * ( 1921)
The word "probe" is funny.

By: Klua Kahlua(47)
i gave my girlfriend a battery probe the other night

Slideshow: Alyssa Milano - Hot Or Not?

By: ConverseGirl ( 1362)
You have to ask?
Of course she's hot!

By: Christie~33 ( 7183)
Yes she's Hot...If I were a Lesbian she'd be #1 on my List!

By: XBROOKEX619(5)

Is It OK To Dislike Caddyshack?

By: Marcus Garvey ( 2605)
boo this man! get a sense of humor you loser

By: Layla02062 ( 6)
There is a mean man called Marcus.
Who is always creating a fracus.
His comments are mean, his intellect lean,
He needs a good kick in the tuckus.

Boy George Forced To Evict Pal

By: BoyGeorgeisaLoser(1)
I had the misfortune of meeting this piece of garbage online. He's a hypocrite and a nut job and him and his little playmate deserve whatever they get, and believe me, no matter what they get it couldn't be strong enough punishment.

Lindsay Lohan Moving To Dubai?

By: Dutch48 ( 4239)
We should be so lucky. Dubai has my sympathy.

By: Layla02062 ( 7)
There is a nice guy named Dutch.
He never creates a big fuss.
Dutch offers us fun
With no smokin' gun,
Just a regular joint in the puss.

By: Dutch48 ( 4239)
Paint a target on me, why don't you.

Golden Globe Awards Slideshow: Who Were The Best & Worst Dressed Stars

By: FallOutAtTheDisco(44)
for the love of God your 16 put your t i t s away! no one wants to see that except pervs!

By: Talybama ( 354)
Someone need to tell Eva Mendez that the bussel goes in the back of the dress.
Renee Zellweger looks 60 years old!

By: * * Stargazer * * ( 1923)
What was Renee Zellwegger thinking?!? BLECH

Elvis Costello Abused In His Sleep By Punk Pranksters

By: xtremedlite(90)
he should be thankful, he could of been teebagged

Gerard Butler Turned To God To Quit Smoking - It Didn't Work

By: lisa16(44)
well,even jesus knows that YOU have got to want to stop smoking..
be strong...get help...just like believing in jesus and god,you have got to want to first...

By: boogieboo(1)
2009-01-13 00:12:36
Mark Twain said quitting smoking was easy---he'd done it a hundred times!

Roseanne Barr Blasts Israel

By: smoochy(65)
If she wants a snootful of this she can have it from me. "My favourite Crusades were the 1st and 3RD. In the Holy Land it always goes extra innings. It's like cricket, so Bring your Lunch." (Maybe not the best expression to use in front of certain people).

Diddy's Considers Fragrance Ad As Bond 'Audition Tape'

By: poly(15)
Diddy next Bond yeah right!that would be like choosing Gary Coleman as the next Bond what a joke.

Paris Hilton Wrote A Song About Her Jail Experience

By: lisa16 ( 38)
sung to the song of 'california here i come.'////
california ,i've been jailed.....
cops and judges say i've failed.....
each mornin'it's dawnin, a am in here.....
no parties,no drinkin,'i'm sheddin'a tear.....
i know i should serve ma time....
rich lawyers say though,don't you whine.....
open up those golden gates....
let me out here, to make my dates.....
click the cameras,shed a tear....
pay the lawyers,pen-a song i fear.....
open up those golden gates......
california i'll not beeee lateeeeeee.......
////heeee heeee!

By: ipsofacto ( 349)
I am so thrilled to hear this!
It is too much for me to take,
though. I am feeling slightly ill!

David Duchovny Thanks His Family For Support

By: delinan(1690)
Oh, is the old 'trouser snake' under control now then?

Lisa Bonet Baby's Unusual Name Explained

By: Angelina Aniston ( 92)
if you huffed paint all day long for years at a time, chances are your kid would have a weird name too.

By: Dutch48 ( 4559)
Do karate lessons come with the name?

By: delinan ( 1706)
There must be a competition between these celebs, to see who can pick the worse name!

Topic Comments

Mary Louise Parker

By: glennzig(2)
she's hot and sexy in a MILF kind of way.

Pope Benedict XVI

By: chunky lover 53(9745)
Not Pious Enough

Shaun Cassidy

By: cherokeecheyenne(2)
I love Shaun Cassidy. He is such a gorgeous and talented man. Hopefully he will return to acting soon.


By: Tropic53(6)
I think Moonlight is the best show of our time and was axed before it's time
by an uncaring network!

Sarah Brightman

By: nicutoma08(1)
I want to speek you .I am a your best best best fan .I am a 46 years old

Bow Wow

By: Beautiful butterfly 900(1)
i think he is my cuzin

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

By: suzie depp(3)
OH MY GOD!I don't believe this....people think this movie wasn't good!HELLOOOOOO!Are you in dreamland or havn't you like watched this movie nicely.It's awesome,it's great and GUESS WHAT!i'm out of words.well in simple,it's just'PERFECT'.

The Ninth Gate

By: smoochy(57)
My Question was, "Why open up the Ninth gate to Hades?" I felt this film, left that unanswered............LCF

John Lithgow

By: Atkins(1)
I also saw the Bill Moyers program and it reminded me of the wonderful plays I ahd seen and of the time when he was playing in New Haven, He came to speak to students and was so gracious and unassuming. Wish I was in NY now.

k.d. Lang

By: cazinbolton(2)
brilliant, eargasms every time I listen and eye candy wow!


By: smoochy(69)
There are three ways a hero in a movie will show you he is a nice guy. 1. Save the Cat. 2. Give to the homeless. 3. Try to kill Hitler.


Dolly Parton To Be Inducted Into Gospel Hall Of Fame

HELP! Dolly looks like an albino Alvira. What happened???

Paris Hilton: 'I've Only Slept With A Couple Of People'

....and I saw Elvis yesterday at Safeway.

Carmen Electra's Coat Hanger Sex Fun!

I think she was an abortonist in another life.

Slideshow: Jennifer Hudson - Hot Or Not?

Talented? Yes. Attractive? Yeah. Hot? Hell to the no. And she knows it, too. Come on Starpulse. Don't encourage her to be delusional.

Wynonna Judd Signs On For Diet Pill Ad

Just wire your jaws shut.

Katie Holmes' Golden Globes Dash

Dash? Don't you mean fly. Isn't her ship parked out back? She's turned into a Stepford Wive. What happened to the sweet faced young girl? Tom and his cult have turned her into someone else. Her Mama pobably doesn't recognize her. D^mn shame.

Amy Winehouse's Husband To File For Divorce

You mean somebody ELSE wants to sleep with her?

Kanye West Wants To Pose Nude

Are they making another scary movie?

Tom Cruise Says Scientology Helped Him Overcome Dyslexia

He's still emotionally retarded. No cure for that on the mothership?