Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most moving and humorous annotations were made on the latest stories on Hitler’s Ghost, the Emo status of a Disney Star, and Courtney Love’s prescription use, as well as a Story about the most recent “celebrity” hospitalization.

Topic Highlights = There were some welcoming and pleasant observations made about actors Hal Sparks, Peter Falk and actor/actress Alexis Arquette however, there was no love or affection for Nicollette Sheridan or Jeff Conaway.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to Talybama, who is well known for her smart and entertaining observations on many News stories. (See Below for Focus on Talybama)

News Comments

Did Hitler's Ghost Cause Tank Trouble On 'Valkyrie' Set?

By: grimoneus(547)

24 Bad Ass Moments of '24'

By: Squints(2424)
I dedicate my 2424th comment to this

Jessica Simpson & Eliza Dushku Wear The Same Dress

By: smoochy(42)
At the same Time?

Cameron Diaz: Don't Count On Seeing Me In 'Shrek' Musical

By: Talybama(128)
Wouldnt you want some one with some musical talent on broadway??

Slideshow: Jamie Foxx - Hot Or Not?

By: Husyodade(33)
jamie foxx is the acting version of kanye west

Ashley Tisdale's Flower Dress - Fashion Hit Or Miss?

By: Husyodade(33)
Ashley Tisdale, although youthful looking and well past the legal age of consent, does not do it for me.

Jennifer Aniston's Secret Singing Talent

By: Dutch48(3332)
What else does her mouth do?

Kathleen Turner To Play an Attorney on 'Law & Order' Episode

By: imanismom(2)
I have seen her on this episode several times. Let me tell you she looks a HOT DAMN MESS

Victoria Beckham Regrets Cleavage

By: melg(45)
There was never anything wrong with her cleavage, it's her hair she should be concerned with.

Demi Lovato Insists She's Not A 'Cutter'

By: Christie~33(7095)
Yeah Right....She's knows she's cutting herself..Get her a straight jacket and a psyciastrist QUICK!

By: ActionACTION7x ( 29)
Sure. Emo Kid.

By: Marcus Garvey ( 2390)
this is so un-disney

Tom Cruise Says He Regrets 'Glib' Outburst

By: Christie~33(7096)
Like I said he has Foot in Mouth Disease..Geez guys!

By: Bill Brasky ( 257)
so transparent, when Tom needs it the most he is all apologetic. i am sure this admission was not timed for the impending Valkyrie release either.

Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Chest & Tattoos - Hot Or Not?

By: delinan(1280)
Rumer you are a 'wee bit droopy' for your age love!

By: Tom Sizemore ( 13747)
She needs a tattooed warning that says "You must be completely wasted to tap this"

By: Dutch48(3370)
If her folks weren't Bruce and Demi, no one would give this little horse-faced lantern-jawed twit the time of day.

By: SilentBob(2400)
This is like anti-Viagra.
*wet noodle*

By: Jenna Jade ( 1549)
Hot for a Potato Head

Courtney Love Drops Antidepressants For Album

By: Dutch48 ( 3524)

By: cat27 ( 207)
So Skanky is making another album? Time for the rest of us to get on anti depressants I guess.

Hilary Duff: 'I Did Not Say I Was A Virgin'

By: SilentBob ( 2425)
I'd be scared to get a hoof in the crotch if she gave me a lapdance.

By: ywright47321 ( 11)
what's wrong with being a virgin? Virgins are honestly
the cleanest fish on earth.

Time Names Obama 'Person Of The Year'

By: Marcus Garvey(2410)
i would have voted for robert pattinson hands down

Paris & Nicky Hilton Out In LA - Who's Hotter?

By: lovetheweasel(1476)
whats cooler? lung cancer or pancreatic?

By: cat27(171)
Thats like asking which is hotter..... a dog turd or a cat turd.

By: SilentBob ( 2426)
Did Nicky just get back from the Renaissance Fair?
C'mon Paris, we expect the uberslut from you, step up your game or don't show up at all.

By: Dutch48 ( 3378)
That's like asking which corner has the best sewer drain.

By: WATZUP(144)
Neither of these chickenheads are hot. Which one can bob better should be the question!

Ryan Seacrest Sued For Allegedly Ripping Off TV Show

By: danielletbd ( 105)
Congratulations on finding the absolutely WORST picture of Ryan to include in this article! You deserve some sort of prize (I'm not being sarcastic right now; i really want to get you something for knocking this guy down a few pegs. Where should I send the gift bag?)

Mindy McCready Hospitalized After Alleged Suicide Attempt

By: lovetheweasel(1483)
country singers dont try to commit suicide. they just write songs about things that would make you want to

Victoria Beckham Inspired By 'Teacher' Fashion

By: Dutch48(3437)
I had teachers looked like her, I'd'a worked harder. Well, something would have been harder.

Chris Brown Named Artist Of The Year By Billboard

By: HandsomeLustyBlackLad(22)
Does he have any fans with higher than
room temperature IQ's?

Zac Efron Plays Santa For Sick Kids

By: Marcus Garvey ( 2476)
was vanessa hudgens with him? then he would have two beards

Samantha Ronson Hospitalized

By: Talybama(178)
I thought she would be hospitalized for burns. Eatin all that fire crotch has to be dangerous.

By: Marcus Garvey ( 2476)
twenty bucks says "exhaustion" is a white powder

Ron Jeremy Attacked By Paparazzo

By: Tom Sizemore(13890)
My how the tables have turned, now it's Ron getting sprayed in the face.

Jim Carrey's 'Yes Man' Opens At No. 1 With $18M Debut

By: lovetheweasel(1496)
how did this beat a will smith movie?

Topic Comments

Hal Sparks

By: Jenna Jade(1547)
hottest man ever! sxehal!

Tori Spelling

By: courtneyh432(98)
shes a really good actress and shes pretty.


By: i am 13-years+3(1)
t.i u are so @# sexy! would u ever go out wit a fan and if u would would u go out wit me?????? and baby trust me baby u can have wat ever u likee wat ever i would be wut ever u wunt but plz let me go out with u i am super hot skinny wit curves very actice love sports im ur biuggest fan ive gone to almost all ur concerts now ur cuming here to Laredo woohoo well juz let me know to give u my number and we can meet juz tell me where and i will go T.I I @# LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART UR THE BEST OF THE BEST TAKE CARE I LOVE U BABE

Nicollette Sheridan

By: boltonfan(6)
I think she is a coldhearted golddigging @@##!, the way she has treated poor Michael. He deserves to find someone who will really love him, he is such a nice caring person and the best singer/songeriter ever.

Jeff Conaway

By: judy052644(1)
I think you are the biggest phoney I've ever seen. You went from totally disabled to dancing and then kicking that goofy girlfriend..and I could still see through you. Shame on you. All you care about is furthering yourself...you probably hurt many people who watched you.!

Yes Man

By: Dutch48(3370)
Saying 'YES' on that level put me in the hospital having a double organ transplant.

Alexis Arquette

By: justmejustyou(1)
Alexis.... so many things to say about someone so complex yet beautiful in her own unique way! I so admire what you did, trying to open up your life to help others, then realizing you deserve to keep 'certain' things private. Just be you, be strong and keep your chin up. There's so much ugliness in the world that it's nice to see someone shine like a star -- standing out in their own unique way, feeling free to be who they are with no apologies and no regrets. :) Rock on girl! :) Heather

Bush's Brain

By: da realest(129)


By: girlcious5(4)
i am your bibest fan thank you for making this video merci that means in french thank you

Peter Falk


Courtney Love

By: Jenna Jade(1784)
My idol. Only for music. Not giving birth to herion babies.


Shannen Doherty's See-Through Dresses - Hot Or Not?

Does anyone know how to get vomit out of a keyboard?

Emma Watson 'Unmotivated' By Money

Lets hope that her accountant feels the same way.

Courtney Love Drops Antidepressants For Album

Im tired of Brittney & Paris gettin all the attention, Let Courtney hit a few papparazzi with an umbrella for once. Might be good for her actually.

Samantha Ronson Hospitalized

I thought she would be hospitalized for burns. Eatin all that fire crotch has to be dangerous.

Snoop Dogg Auctions Off His Shed

He could probably make more if he tore it down & sold the pieces by the ounce.

Pamela Anderson's Lumpy Boobs & Busted Face

Quick some one get an airhose...WE can Fix this mess if we hurry!

Fashion WTFs: Jared Leto & Mickey Rourke

Hey Mickey...Liberache called, He wants his outfit back.

Tokio Hotel Star In Car Crash

OOh yes poor lipsyncing gender confused child.