Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most stirring and humorous remarks were made on the latest stories on the ‘battle of the bums’, a British actor’s greasy locks, and the questionable hotness of Tila Tequila, as well as a Story about 10 things we’re Thankful for.

Topic Highlights = There were some welcoming and pleasant observations made about Barack Obama and rapper T-Pain however, there was no love or affection for Katie Price or Nicole Kidman as well as absolutely no comment for madam to the stars, Heidi Fleiss.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to lovetheweasel, who is well known for his smart and compelling remarks on many News stories and topics. (See Below for Focus on lovetheweasel)

News Comments

Booty Battle: Kim Kardashian vs. Beyonce Knowles

By: Marcus Garvey( 2243)
beyonce's, with syrup

By: junebug29( 1)
beyonce wins she is a beautiful talented black woman with a natural looking born given butt straight from african queen blood line not even j lo either .. as majority of black women .. as for kim ! is kim using silicon or botox for fake ????

By: 024water( 9)
you both have fat butts how can you wipe them there so huge

By: gia marie( 2)
I just cant imagine the amount of cellulite they have???

By: mrsexxc( 52)
Let me hittem both doggiestyle to tell you my answer.Truthfully give me Kim any day !

By: Felix Lassiter( 2835)
Ha Ha Asstaroids.

Slideshow: Worst Celebrity Lips

By: Talybama( 70)
This is what you get when you let Jar Jar Binks mate with humans.

By: Dutch48( 2687)
"Ms. Liplock, meet Mr. Tubesteak."

By: lilmettalchick( 2)
are u serious? her lips are UGLY! she looks like she could suck the life out of a frog with only one breath

Quote Of The Day: Steven Tyler Still Makes Women Hot

By: MrsStevenTyler( 4)
he makes you wanna throw up because hes so sexy is sick. and hes not nasty. yer just a homosexual. you prbly like girls!

'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Doesn't Wash His Hair

By: tiggerandjasper( 189)
That's why we have an oil shortage...it's all in his hair.

By: WATZUP( 41)
That explains the wet puppy smell!

By: Dutch48( 2687)
I shudder to contemplate his underwear.

Milla Jovovich To Tie The Knot

By: delinan( 1040)
Well, you aint a celeb unless you have been married at least 3 times!

Slideshow: Lil' Wayne Vs. T.I.

By: kidger1112( 20)
u r penggggggggg t.i u r the greatest raper

Madonna, Alex Rodriguez In Mexico City

By: Marcus Garvey( 2281)
their children would have hooves

Slideshow: Tila Tequila - Hot Or Not?

By: taralynn ( 1025)
she has a nice figure but her face is ......wait men dont care about faces

By: Felix Lassiter( 2835)
Ha Ha She'd make a good bucket of chum although a small bucket is all she would full baby shark's would have fun nibbling on her bits and piece's.

By: Dutch48( 2687)
Maybe if I drank the bottle, ate the worm and hit myself on the head with the empty bottle........naaaah!

Meryl Streep: 'De Laurentiis Called Me A Pig'

By: taralynn ( 1025)
what an insult ......to pigs

By: Marcus Garvey ( 2285)
all is forgiven since his granddaughter is the hottest woman on the planet

Paris Hilton's Skintight Latex Dress

By: 024water( 9)
paris you look like a walking tooth pick have you got aids

By: miltons stapler ( 43)
i like it, distracts me from the wonkeye.

By: Guy Nacolojist ( 958)
The amount of latex in that dress wrapped around my johnson still wouldn't be enough to make me feel safe enough to do her

By: jchdz( 213)
i think the guy from the village people wore it better

10 Things We're Thankful For This Year - What Are You Thankful For?

By: pistols at dawn ( 1)
We live in a world where Tila Tequila wasn't $@@##! enough for MTV, so now they're going to have two hot young bi twin girls take over that show. This can only lead directly to either Sodom or Gomorrah (with a pit stop at Chlamydia).
And that Stephen Colbert Christmas special was possibly the most slap-dash, crappily assembled thing I've seen in years. And I've seen Ski School 2 several times.

By: BeckEye ( 7)
Heyyyy, that Colbert special was SUPPOSED to be cheesy, like all of those horrible Andy Williams/Perry Como/Gumby Christmas specials of yore. And if that was slap-dash, well, then I love slap-dash.

By: 666_Steinbrener(891)

Colbert special was spectacular!
I did not know Ann Coulter's jaw was wired shut, blissful silence. Too bad it wasn't her neck... I mean HIS neck that broke.

By: 5h311y( 4)

still being alive after being electrocuted yesterday and coming through a fatal head on collission halloween night 1993! oh and having my 2 wonderful children! and having such a nice supportive sister!

Stephen Baldwin: Selena Gomez Isn't Cool Enough For Tattoo

By: poly( 11)
Cat27 you're right that is creepy, Stephen Baldwin has been dropped on his spongebob head too many times.

By: WATZUP( 41)
PERV ALERT! He's not cool enough to have a tatoo of anyone. Mom maybe.

Diddy Spends $750K On 'Bond' Audition

By: Dutch48( 2687)
Only if he changes his name to;"DARK GABLE"

By: grimoneus( 285)

Tila Tequila Back With Girlfriend Courtenay Semel (Pictures)

By: TreTru( 2)
I dont think she's goin back out with her.all they did was makeout, Tila makes out with everybody..

By: Tom Sizemore ( 13113)

By: janetkirk ( 945)
Yeah, Tom good one.
My ex, has a better one, though it is called the "Reverse Boner".

By: BonesBroken( 8)
Call Off The Search, NEWSFLASH! El Chubucabra has been found... What spawned that thing, Tila whaaaaa! Its definitely half pitbull! Look at the size of its head...WTF Looks like its been photoshopped, or a prop from a werewolf film!

Robert Downey Jr. Knocked 'Out Cold' In Fight Scene

By: delinan( 1040)
Beats getting knocked out by all those drugs then Robert?

Kenny Chesney Is Dating A Beauty Queen

By: peroque( 3)
Oh come on! This cowboy is as Gay as they come!

Fashion WTF: Katie Lee Joel

By: Squints ( 2409)
I think her Grandma made it for her, so she had to wear it at least once

By: luvmyjeep( 20)
Good one Squints! She looks like a black Michelin Man

By: Phoenix 009( 250)

'Dancing With The Stars' Down To Final Three

By: foxyrn99( 9)
Pissed Lance didn't win.. Brooke was just Boobs flailing around the floor like a limp noodle

Michael Jackson Urged To Save His Giraffes

By: Dutch48( 2687)
What? You expect him to stick 'his' neck out?

Topic Comments

Katie Price

By: gia marie( 2)

Heidi Fleiss

By: Tom Sizemore( 13080)
*no comment*

Nicole Kidman

By: 024water( 9)
old flat screen fore head

Fifty Pills
By: Tom Sizemore(13120)

aka Tuesday Night

By: lil doakzi3(11)

his a good raper and he has a little daughter she is so cute!

Barack Obama

By: cbluver21(31)
obama,obama,obama,obama ooo obama is gangster yall yeah!


Stephen Baldwin: Selena Gomez Isn't Cool Enough For Tattoo

its nice not being stephen baldwin

Slideshow: Tila Tequila - Hot Or Not?

ray charles wouldnt touch her.

Nicole Kidman Campaigns To End Violence Against Women

listen, nicole, has long as women keep trying to leave the kitchen, they are gonna get hurt. what, am i supposed to cook my own meals?

Tila Tequila Back With Girlfriend Courtenay Semel (Pictures)

a beastiality video would do more for me.

'Twilight' Star Rob Pattinson Tops 'Breakout Stars' List

"rob Pattinson tops list of rapist look-alikes"

Spokesman: Singer Amy Winehouse Back In Hospital

how is it that england hasnt discovered dentistry yet?

Gary Busey

a solid 5 for pure creepiness

Andrew Dice Clay

gotta appreciate a shameless man.