Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most rousing and funny comments were made on the latest stories on an incontinent Rapper, a seldom heard of reality star, and a story about two plastic surgery addicts, as well as The latest Starpulse Story about someone’s Placenta.

Topic Highlights = There were some wise and astute comments made about Katie Couric's journalistic credibility and Jillian Barberie's shocking comment as well as, nine reasons to hate Tila Tequila.

News Comments

Kanye West 'Uses Dressing Room Floor As A Toilet'
By: Marcus Garvey ( 2010)
normally kanye uses his fans ears as a toilet

By: Tom Sizemore ( 12638)
Normally I crap on Kanye's albums.

Joaquin Phoenix's Facial Hair Fail: What's Going On?

By: lesterchicky( 4)
Leave him alone...I'd like to be the 'cat' that dragged him in!

By: grimoneus ( 128)
He DOES look like a reject from Timothy Leary's LSD troupe lool..What's happened to you Joaquin?

Jim Carrey Loves Cross-Dressing

By: LOUDBOY2K2( 163)
According to jim Jenny likes to wear the strap-on!

By: user193 ( 315)

Madonna, Oprah, Other Celebs React To Obama's Win

By: tatejackson( 38)

Omarosa Disses Sarah Palin

By: CarmenPadi( 3)

By: Speaknow ( 2)
I would'nt piss on this Beatch if she were on fire.

Thing That Makes You Go 'Ew': Justin Long & Tila Tequila Hook Up

By: Jenna Jade( 1261)
Fake gay porn star and a lez don't go good together

By: Guy Nacolojist( 895)
I heard he wasn't interested in her until after he found out she has a p3n15

Carnie Wilson: 'I Get Horny When I Eat Donuts'

By: Marcus Garvey( 1969)
i bet she makes her husband X@@##! her through the hole of a bear claw

Barbra Streisand Praises The U.S. For Electing Obama

By: Felix Lassiter( 2754)
Ha Ha The nose has spoken, long live the nose.

Slideshow: Who Has The Better Body - Traci Bingham Or Coco?

By: Jenna Jade( 1261)
Traci! She's the black Pamela Anderson. Coco's just a ho

By: BikerChick ( 968)
Just waiting for one of them to burst!

Tendercrisp ( 1181)
They could have made a lot of soda bottles with all the plastic they used on these two.

By: Squints ( 2361)
In the unlikely event of a water landing, please strap Coco as a floating device to your chest.

By: Dutch48( 1183)
Having given this subject exhaustive study; Both women are equally pretty but Tracy has better proportions. Ms. Bingham has my vote.

Miley Cyrus' Mom Chaperones By Text

By: crahazy99 ( 3)
wow great parenting! I mean really, letting your 15 yr old date a 20 yr. and just text, oooooohhh,
like she can't go down and text at the same time?

Pete Wentz Says Parents Met Working For Joe Biden

By: Tom Sizemore ( 12541)
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Wentz,

By: Marcus Garvey( 1969)
score one for the republicans

Erykah Badu: 'Kiss My Black Placenta'

By: Dutch48( 1038)
Could we eat it?

By: Marcus Garvey( 1950)
i just threw up in my mouth a lot

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's McCain Tee Annoyed 'View' Execs

By: 666_Steinbrener( 874)
I'll bet Abe Vigoda outlives McCain.

FOX Gives 'American Dad' Another Season

By: Dutch48( 1038)
I guess 'one' republican deserves to keep his job.

Nicole Kidman To Play Transsexual?

By: Marcus Garvey( 2005)
if she actually WAS a transsexual it would make alot more sense that she was married to tom cruise

Beyonce's Stage Outfit - Out Of This World Or Out Of Her Mind?

By: lovetheweasel( 1286)
she looks like the people from the future in bill and teds excellent adventure. (keanu's finest work) hahahahah

By: Tom Sizemore ( 12638)
She looks like a Transformer

By: BikerChick ( 982)
Reminds me of Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

By: Agent Smith ( 4420)
Reminds me of one of those big foam suits attack dog trainers wear

By: Talybama ( 6)
My name is Beyonce....Take me to your leader!

By: yvonne 13 ( 5)

Gay Rights Advocates Slam 'The Simpsons' Over 'Homophobic Slur'

By: Tendercrisp( 1181)
This is so gay!

Nikki Blonsky Set To Appear On 'Ugly Betty'

By: Janeblazze( 5)
didn't she just beat someone up?

By: Guy Nacolojist( 895)
they'll be renaming the show 'Fat and Ugly Betty' for the episode

Britney Spears & Madonna Team Up For Live Duet (Pics & Video)

By: Tom Sizemore( 12593)
"dancing with her heroine"
Is this an Amy Winehouse story?

OMG! Oprah Forced To Use A Port-a-Potty!

By: Lendor( 30)
Porta Potty Virgin? I thought you used to be poor folk? And your new friend will keep in touch. You're rich folk now!

By: Serena Singer ( 300)

Taylor Swift Appalled By Rumors She's Carrying Joe Jonas' Baby

By: Jenna Jade( 1286)
The Jonas Brothers are gay. They can't hit and run.

y: Marcus Garvey ( 2010)
if she is it would really go against my theory that hes light in the loafers

Topic Comments

Katie Couric

By: the_village_idiot( 3)
Katie is currently more of a tabloid reporter than a journalist. She looks for the"gotcha" moment in interviews rather than investigative reporting. Too bad because there are so few real reporters anymore.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

By: Dutch48( 1183)
I need a 'secretary'.

By: jane7( 1)
I would someday like to meet her..we're both vegetarian scorpios...

The Brady Bunch

By: stumpy( 2)
I always had a mega crush on Bobby he was so cute

Jillian Barberie

By: wtfwtf( 1)
I am shocked at Jillian's comments on Wed am "YES!, finally a black is in the white house!" It's makes her racist! What? She doesn't like white people? This comment was in VERY poor taste and I lost complete respect for her as a newscaster! I used to like her, now I am disgusted by her!

Barack Obama

By: 911omg( 44)
he is ok i guess,he beat mcain by alot...huh guess thats all i gotta say

Roger Waters

By: Miss Lecter( 6)
He's starting to look a bit like Prince Charles. That's a shame. He was really fit in 1990 because I watched his version of the Wall (which was fan-bloody-tastic) and. Well. Sexyness.

Tila Tequila

By: Jenna Jade( 1445)
Seven things (or more) why i hate u
1. UR 3 apples high
2. U have no talent
3. Ur a %&@@##! lez
4. U look like an alien
5. U scare the elderly
6. Your name isn't really Tila Tequila
7. You copied Jenna Jameson (Jenna's last name is an alcoholic drink)
8. Ur not "The Myspace Ho"
9. Someone has more "friends" than you. His name is Tom.
Betch please, leave everyone alone!