Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most inspiring and humorous remarks were made on the latest stories on Gary Busey and his dog named Blizzard, the latest from the always popular “Booty” article , and Hair extensions trashy or trendy?; as well as a Story about America’s favorite make believe leader.

Topic Highlights = There were some gracious and pleasant remarks made about actresses Christy Romano, Amy Yasbeck and Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand there was a little too much love and affection for actor Alec Baldwin.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to LOUDBOY2K2, who is well known for his smart and entertaining observations on many News stories. (See Below for Focus on LOUDBOY2K2)

News Comments

Gary Busey Snorted Cocaine Off His Dog

By: Tom Sizemore( 12337)
Even I haven't stooped that low.

By: lovetheweasel ( 1206)
not gonna lie, that is pretty awesome. (although you wouldnt find me doin it) totally in character with who he is though.

Today's Fashion Miss: Adrianne Curry

By: BikerChick( 914)
Almost looks like a Halloween costume.

By: Ugly Celebrity Pictures( 345)

By: delinan ( 630)
Has she just popped out of the brothel for a quick smoke?

Lil Wayne Helper Says He Saw Pot, Gun On Tour Bus

By: Tom Sizemore( 12310)
Full headline:
"Lil Wayne Helper Says He Saw Pot, Gun On Tour Bus...Talent Nowhere To Be Found"

By: Dave stof ( 227)
Who doesnt smoke pot??????????

Gluteus Maximus: A Starpulse Salute To The Celebrity Booty

By: ThickDiva( 9)
OMFG Are you serious? None of them have &@@!. ok beyonce and jLo have a booty but i have more.I got more booty than beyonce, pinky, and buffie the body all put together. Dont believe me then i'll show u a d a m n pic.janet got a lil sumthing sumthing...Paris and Lohan omg WTF is that. there butt is flatter than my flat screen tv.keira look like she has a bone sticking out of her dress thats nasty. vida has no draws on and it look like she got a major weggie..niecy is average. coco is fake eww, mayra is sticking it out soo of course it look like she got one. this article was a big &@#! joke wit this lil %@##! booties.LMAO

Hulk Hogan's Son 'Changed' After Prison Spell

By: Felix Lassiter( 2643)
Ha Ha He doesn't have to worry about his butt hole banging shut after launching a torpedo.

By: Marcus Garvey( 1883)
changed = enlarged butt-hole

By: LOUDBOY2K2 ( 58)
he got poked in the booty...and was being called cindy by his cell mate jim
that would change anyone!

Michael Jackson Plans World Tour

By: tatejackson( 33)
i dont care how talented he is, no way would i pay to see him. hes a child molester. nobody tells the same lies about you for 20 years! after the first time he was accused of it, you would think he would have stayed away from any kids but his own, but he couldnt do it! that tells me all i need to know about him. The only difference between him and a child molester down the street is he had the money to get out of it. Hes disgusting and should be in prison being molested by a big guy named Bubba!

Gwyneth Paltrow: I'm Helping Madonna Over Split

By: Dutch48( 523)
Madonna has always needed help with her split. Do they do the scissors?

Brandy Still Coping With Car Crash

By: Marcus Garvey( 1880)
shes a woman, so there is a limit to how good a driver she can be

Slideshow: Celebrity Hair Extensions - Should The Trend Go Away?

By: Bill Brasky( 197)
Hair extensions strike me as the female equivalent of truck nuts.

OJ Simpson Trial Witness Sues Dr. Phil For Defamation

By: Felix Lassiter( 2644)
Ha Ha Dr. Phil the living proof of how ugly baldness is.

Slideshow: Zac Efron - Hot Or Not?

By: Dutch48( 613)
Perhaps if he were set on fire.

By: Joanna123( 27)
Zac Efron is not good-looking at all. I hate males with baby faces, they look immature and really feminine. That is what I think about him. Sorry all you Zac Efron fans, but it is true. :(

By: Jenna Bobbitt ( 532)
If your a guy, you have a better chance. If your a woman, not really.

Mel Gibson Funds His Church With $10 Million-A-Year Handouts

By: Marcus Garvey(1889)
mel gibson is a great argument for catholics using condoms

Dennis Haysbert Is Named Top Fictional Leader

By: Squints( 2320)
"beat off stiff competition from Geena Davis"
Is that so?

A New Judge Will Invigorate 'American Idol'

By: PaulaLover( 462)
I HATE THAT X@@##!!1

Pink Urges Paris Hilton To 'Quit Bugging'

By: hiltonsister( 1)
Alecia Moore (luv the trailertrash spelling!)_is simply trying to ride the coat tails of anyone who can get her some press. What a bore! She's even "proud to be considered gay". Why? Who cares? She resembles all those creeps on-line who love to hate. Just shup up fake Pink and leave lovely Paris alone".

Topic Comments

Gina Gershon

By: Yuppie
She looks like something that the dog dragged in.

By: Dutch48( 530)
Yo, Yuppie, who peed in your oatmeal. Gina's hot for days. You never saw 'Bound'?

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

By: haliema( 1)
i hate her i had a dream that she was dead cause she took my man


By: chunky lover 53( 8573)
There wasn't enough Violence for me, personally.

Christy Romano

By: NPHFan101( 420)
u have grown up & i lik that

Bobby Trendy

By: Jenna Bobbitt( 531)
homosexual peacock

Frankie Valli

By: FrankieLove( 8)
There are very few man that get better with age, he is one of them. That Italian is HOT!

Jennifer Hudson

she is so sophisticated !

Alec Baldwin

By: Randy38( 2)

Nina Hartley

By: Jenna Bobbitt( 531)
old MILF

Gary Busey

By: Jenna Jameson( 436)
he should go back to his planet with Sandre Burnhard in ugly world

Amy Yasbeck

By: Dutch48( 613)
John Ritter was one hell of a lucky dude.

Focus on LOUDBOY2K2

Lindsay Lohan's 'Public Squabble' With Girlfriend

i told you lindsay i dont go down south thats your job!
(im sure that's what the fight was about!)

Katie Holmes: Too Mommy Looking?

see what scientology will do to you...
im sure tom does some freaky sh*t in bed!
Obey your scientologist master pupil

Gary Busey Snorted Cocaine Off His Dog

Man i remember that night like it was yesterday!
hit me up gary!

Hulk Hogan's Son 'Changed' After Prison Spell

he got poked in the booty...and was being called cindy by his cell mate jim
that would change anyone!

Pink's Kidnap Ordeal

pink looks great but for some reason i feel like she has bad breath and a smelly cooch...

Slideshow: Selma Blair - Hot Or Not?

she is way too ally mcbeal for me! get some meat on then chicken bones!

Shannen Doherty Bans Guests From Her Bathroom

she's probably hiding her magic wrinkle cream and sex toys from everyone else...
what happens in 90210 stays in 90210

Miley Cyrus Creates Her Own Milkshake